The beautiful Skull- fashion & interior design. Happy Halloween!

The Halloween season brings lots of scary imagery, spooky movies and plenty of yummy sweets. One of my favorite motifs that is repeatedly depicted around this time is the Skull icon.
The skull and bones is one of my favorite design. It's no surprise that one of my much loved pendants which I wear almost every day is a  skull and bones necklace pendant.

Skull is such a timeless motif, whenever added into any interior design or fashion mix- it always will add a bit of edge and pizazz.
The skull and bones symbol dates back to 1700s, where it was used to mark cemeteries. It later became known for marking poisons and later became a symbol that was widely used in secret societies, sororities and more currently indicated danger.

This feisty symbol could be used throughout the year in fabulous interiors and fashion. In order to make the right kind of statement, it needs to be used properly with the right amounts in order to add a bit of drama yet still look classy.
Take a look at some of these pieces that would do just that.
Happy Halloween everyone!!

 beautiful wallcovering

amazing table lamp

stunning pink and gold shawl

handsome luxurious area rug

excuisite pumps

good looking canvas shopper

yummy throwpillow

striking clutch

Antique Colored Glass Decanters

I am lusting over some antique colored glass decanters. I find them to be so beautiful, sculptural yet a functional objects that could ultimately be used at an events and festivities if you choose.
They could be diplayed on tables shelves in any room because of its luxurious appeal, the sparkle that it brings in to the room and for it's fantastic shapes sizes and of course the fabulous colors.
Take a look at these beautiful colored decanters that I was scoping out during my visit to the antique fair at the  Artropolis this year.
I could probably find a place for most of these beauties in someones home. Beautiful!

photo by Edyta Czajkowska

Annual Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse

I love going to showhouses not only to see fantastic creative inferiors, but also because I can contribute to great benefits in such a pleasant way. One of the very well known showhouses of the year is the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Decorator showhouse in New York. It showcases many amazing designers and their talents.
These rooms showcase bold statements with very livable approach.
Take a look at this years beautiful rooms.

Photos by New York Times Magazine

Chicago Interior Design Project, sneak peak

One of my downtown Chicago projects will be coming to completion very soon. The client was absolutely fantastic, decisive and daring = perfect combination. The major pieces have been implemented already, now we have to just install everything.
Here is a sneak peak at some of the textiles that will take place in this home.
Luxurious, fresh and timeless!

Chicago Fashion Focus Kick Off party and Fashion Show

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to attended a great Fashion show and a Pre party that kicked off the Chicago Fashion week, which took place at the Millennium Park at the Chase Promenade. Not only was I around so many well dressed people, but I was able to explore new fashions by some talented fresh design faces of Chicago Design scene.
It's intriguing to dissect and observe so many fascinating designs and get inspired. I can only imagine how much hard work, time, heart and soul goes into every one of these collections.

 I did have some favorites, yet I think the whole fashion show was just fantastic. The music, the models, the lighting, the set , the hosts, the crowd- were all so inspiring. I love the great energy that comes with this type of production, it makes me want to dance and I get super excited for everyone that is involved. There is something about performances, shows, plays etc that I find very fascinating since I know it involves a lot of time and work of many extremely talented people and when the show starts - that is just it, every one's contribution is then showcased, The show is ON!  Also it's about the impact and atmosphere that you came to experience sort of like the end result of an amazing design project -the pieces come together and the beautiful showstopping moment is unveiled!

I love fashion shows! Tell me your fashion show experiances?

Elizabeth Pilgard a volunteer, left, helps dress model Shaya Ali in the dress of Chicago Incubator designer Kristin Hassan.
Design by Kristin Hassan photo via ChicagoTribune

Above photos via TimeOut Chicago

EDYTA&CO. ONLINE DESIGN- Virtual Interior Design services are here!

For all of the wonderful clients located outside of Chicago & seeking design plan and guidance so that you can implement your Interior Design project- We are here for you!!
EDYTA&CO. Online Design is here!

Through in depth research of your desires and needs, we determine your style and create a beautiful interior design plan to suit your lifestyle. This all takes place Online -via e-mail.

What we need from you:
*Complete application & questionnaire
*Measurements with the current room layout (we will provide you with guidelines)

What you get from us:
*Project statement
*Virtual board with furnishings, accessories and color scheme.
*Itemized list of furnishings and accessories that could all be purchased Online.

E-mail me for more details and rates

Interior Design inspirations- How to look for inspiration for your home

My inspirations come from all sorts of places- nature is one of them. When creating an interior of a home, it is easy to go and look at designs of other homes, yet it's ideal to really look within and seek out what makes you happy and what brings out great deal of sought out emotion.

To create a design you truly love and one that speaks to you, take time to reflect and immerse yourself with your surroundings, cultures, nature, fashion etc. You will come up with  many elements that at that moment might not make sense (as how they could translate in to a room) yet they are the best start to discover your true passions . If you have troubles with this, an interior designer should help you with this process and later will translate that vision into a beautiful space that truly embodies You.

Here is an image that I took while we were walking our dogs during the weekend. The beauty of perfectly yellow and orange leaves with a hint of soft green, against the dark bark of the tree is magnificent. The branches of the tree create an amazing veining in the background of perfectly golden sunny leaves. The tones and contrasts are just exquisite and perfect. The backdrop of solid light blue sky is a beautiful contrast that makes everything cheerful and soft.

 Perhaps this effect could be created with black iron elements in a room and  gold/yellow silk throw pillows and light blue walls and lighter linen drapes. The soft texture leaf pattern could be captured in a rug and the light green might be a soft velvet fabric of a sofa  upholstery and a chairs. The oranges/golds could be used in shiny gold frames and accessories and glass for table top to reflect the sun and light to create that glowwing sparkly effect.
The possibilities of this type of inspiration are endless,- that is the beauty of truly digging deep in to what captures your attention and evokes that perfect feeling.

Take photos, save pages from magazines of your perfect outfit, perfectly styled dish or even a landscape- all of these elements ( if they truly amaze you and make you feel an amazing feeling) are worth capturing somewhere in your home.
Go ahead, seek out your inspirations and you are on your way to create your perfect home...

Photo by Edyta Czajkowska

High Point Market North Carolina, Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse New York, Designs 4 Dignity Kitchen walk Harbor Michigan

Some amazing events are going on this weekend and I wold love to attend them all! If you have the opportunity, make sure to visit. Enjoy, get inspired, contribute to a great benefit and take it all in.

High Point Market in North Carolina started yesterday. It's a  huge extravaganza - a worlds home for home furniture.

Kips Bay Boy & Girls Club Decorator Showhouse- the Annual 38th Benefit event- lots of inspiration and eye candy from some of the renowned designers

And my local event (close to Chicago) the Designs 4 Dignity Kitchen walk in Harbor Michigan - beautiful relaxing benefit event which includes beautiful homes, amazing views of Lake Michigan and landscapes and of course exquisite food with fantastic chefs. I highly recommend it!

Ralph Lauren, A perfect image of traditional luxury

When I came across the new add campaign for Ralph Lauren Home I stopped for a moment and had to take in the beautiful feeling that it evoked in me.  Good design when successfully implemented, should evoke emotion and create a certain atmosphere. Of course every person has their own idea of perfect setting and the way that they would like to feel, therefore each design should be tailored to that client.

In this particular add, Ralph Lauren embodies everything that I believe it's brand is and should be in a romantic way. The timeless appeal, elegance, tradition, great craftsmanship, luxury, history, opulence and of course the equestrian lifestyle.
Not to mention that the color palette is definitely following the forcasted tones for this year in addition to other elements (I will touch on that in another post).

Take a look at all the amazing details, layers, textures, muted landscape and the beautiful girl that seems to be part of t his lifestyle.
It is fantastic to be able to completely immerse yourself with what you love, cherish and what speaks to you after all this is your home, your sanctuary.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Herringbone Ann Sacks tile

Ann Sacks has an amazing tile selection. They are innovative, classic and one of a kind. I love a herringbone pattern tile and floor. The repetition creates continuity while being organized , the angles on the other hand give interest and become a bit dynamic.
This Ann Sacks tile is not only sophisticated in color, yet also so sexy and classy.
A kitchen backsplash or a bathroom floor would look sooo divine in this!

Scandinavian Design by Lars Bolanders book signing at Maze Home in Winnetka today

Hope your week has been fantastic! I have been busy as always and can't believe it's already Thursday.
There is so much going on around Chicago. Today there is a book signing "Scandinavian Design by Lars Bolander" at a fabulous home goods shop in Winnetka- Maze Home.
Any Lars Bolander fans out there? if so and you are in the area head over to Maze Home to say hello. It's always fun to meet people you admire in person.
The book signing runs today October 14 from 10am to 5pm.

Since you are at Maze Home make sure to pick me up a few fun accent pieces and some fab bed linnens, -I hear they have a great collection.
I won't be able to make it out there today but I will have to stop over at this great shop very soon and check it out for myself!
I can never have enough bed linens, can you? :)

Enjoy the rest of the day!


Maze Home

Interior Design- post recap & important principals

My last post was just an overview of what my company is about and how we approach a project. I can definitely specify all the details and steps that a project involves, yet each project is so unique except some approaches (such as the ones I noted) which stay the same on every project and they are part of my principals.
It is important to share with others what you do and what you offer. If you can’t share what you do, no one else will be able to define it either. Also, people might have an idea about your profession yet they are clearly not doing what you do and therefore they may not have an idea of what your position involves.

I once had an old instructor mention to me that -"even though your friends and family know that you are an interior designer or an architect, there is a big chance that they don’t really know what you do exactly". I thought that was quite interesting and tested it out on my parents. Sure enough they knew the broad idea of a design project (since we redesigned few rooms in their home) yet when I explained more in detail what each project consists of, they were pretty surprised and captivated by the whole process.

Although I have designed parts of my parent’s house they don’t really know all the details and steps that I have to go through to create a room. Of course since they are my parents the working relationship is a bit different than it is with a client. Some things I have just done and I don’t necessarily discuss or spell out still take place to complete a fabulous room.

For instance, with my parents I don’t necessarily spent hours explaining that I spent few hours in three design showrooms looking for that perfect fabric that elevated the whole design to another level, gave the room dimension and balance while pulling the accent tones in the other fabrics and perfectly contrasted the rug. Then I had to get the prices and compared 10 other fabrics to chose one that best fit their budget the scope, and that the fabric content was appropriate for it's use. Then I had to have it backed and each one of these steps had a phone call attached to it with work orders, price quotes and drafting of the orders in addition to follow up and coordination with the workrooms or manufacturers.
The fact is, that although I would show them the fabric the paint the arm of the sofa they did not really ask about what goes behind the scenes, I just did it.

When working with a client of course these things are specified and further discussed yet the client and I don't sit there and talk about every little detail that goes behind the scenes either - that is why they hired me after all.
Besides what we do, it's also important to share your process, your ideals. In my case a relationship between a client and an interior designer is very personal and it's important for us to be able to communicate well and feel in sync on many levels.Obviously the client does not need to be exactly like me (otherwise they could do the work themselves) but at least be able to feel comfortable, be trusting and confident in letting go since that is why they called the expert.

A relationship between a client and a designer takes many forms (besides on how much the client wants to be involved) yet it's always important (no matter the industry and on both parts on the client and the service provider's side) to be honest, trustworthy and communicate clearly. Weather the honesty comes from the client for example: in regards to a budget or the clarity on the designers side regarding the fabric that suddenly is not to arrive for another 3 weeks- these are extremely important and if expressed with trust, honesty and clear communication will create a backdrop for a solid good working relationship.
 I always make sure to be clear and honest in everything that I do and I believe it is essential to all relationships. At the end if you take everything away and you don't have these principals, the relationship will not last, it's a foundation will fail.
I hope you can incorporate these in your working relationship, I believe they will work wonders for you if they haven't already. :) I wish you all , good business, good fortune and good life.

A glimpse of a project that I worked on a while back.
Pardon the construction mess:
Here is a Kitchen that I worked on about five years ago, the photo shows it in the mids of construction state. It was a beautiful gray stone 3 story house in the Gold Coast of Chicago that was completely gut and tranformed , yet the architectural elements, the traditional flair and integrity of the building was kept throughout the house. The kitchen was definitely one of the modern spaces.
Also the Natural Rift Sawn Oak veneer panels on the subzero is also reflected on the opposite wall on the build in shelves.(unfortunately you can't see it in the photos)

In front of the oven and behind the island there was a glass floor that let in light to the newly build wine room in the besement. It is pretty neat!

  Looking in from the dining room thorugh the pantry into the kitchen where you can see the glass panels in the floor.

Again, be mindful these photos were taken while still finishing up the construction, the place was messy and everyone was a bit displaced.

Chicago Interior Designer

I am an interior designer and an owner of an Interior Design company (EDYTA&CO. INTERIOR DESIGN) which serves Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Our mission is not limited to making beautiful residential and boutique commercial interiors. What we really do is- create custom solutions for every lifestyle so that you can live and enjoy your life in a happy, comfortable and functional environment.

Your life should be lived  and enjoyed in the comfort of your home. Our surroundings play a very important role in how we feel & how we behave. In order to help a client feel their best in their surroundings, we focus on creating supporting interior landscapes customized on each client's lifestyles and needs.

Wheather you want your home to bring relaxation and solitude or perhaps you want a modern luxe space that engages energy, or maybe creating a beautiful yet safe home for your kids is your goal- I can help! We will design a unique custom solution for your needs & desires, we will create Your interior landscape where you will feel your best.

If you are interested in creating a custom interior for your lifestyle that you absolutely love, contact me regarding our interior design services.

We are also accepting inquiries from clients outside of Chicago area via Online Design. This service is designed for clients outside of the Chicago area, clients that are not looking for a full interior design service yet rather an expert design plan that they can takle on their own. Please inquire about Online design here.

ABC Carpet & Home NYC- as promised

As I mentioned in my last week's post I was planning on stopping over at ABC Carpet and Home while in NYC. I did make a pit stop at this heavenly store and I only wish that had more time to browse. No worries I will make sure to come back again.
Here are some photos that I took which I wanted to share with you.
You can be there for hours looking at all the beautiful goodies and then in between have a meal and a cocktail in their restaurant. Divine!

Beatutiful Gray Madeline Weinrib dislpay

Aren't these light fixtures beautiful in white!
  This display is just pure inspiration, I wanted to take all of these glass pieces home. So artistic and sculptural.
    More of Madeline Winrib Atelier
the beautiful theatrical like entrance to the second ABC home where all the goodies are

Pillow gallore

Part of the restaurant downstairs
The first ABC store with all the glorious rugs and carpets
So many beautiful Chandeliers all over the store
More beautiful suzani cushions


Turquoise Chandelier- so pretty

Suzani and all the Jazz

 All photos by Edyta Czajkowska