I am a huge animal lover. I believe a pet brings life and happy energy into a household.
Many people feel the same way about animals in their house and therefore enjoy sharing their sofa even bed with them. Although we let dogs or cats roam around the house, they should also have a designated place where they can rest and feel safe.
A bed for a dog or a cat can be custom made out of coordinating fabric to go with the overall decor of the house, yet there is also another solution. Why not providing a contemporary and comfortable space for your pet in style with the WOWBOW london  bed and dining table collection.

It has been long due for a stylish and well designed dog or cat bed like this to come around.
Not only will the bed and dining table for your dog be the eyecandy in your home, it will beautifully fit within your space while creating an oasis for your furry friend.
WOWBOW also donates a percentage of all sales to charitable organizations that are committed to animal welfare.


I am always on the lookout for clean and elegant accessories. My goal is not only to serve a purpose, but add to the overall design, while contributing fantastic style. This piece caught my eye for it's simple design and the versatility that it lends itself to. West Chin is the designer for the "Rack". The Rack is made from Corian and comes in 3 different sizes at 14 inches wide. The Rack can be placed by the fireplace in a modern setting while cradling logs of  fire wood. It can also be used to hold towels and magazines.


Good preparation during the design planning stages as well as prior to the design process with the interior designer, helps to save money by avoiding costly mistakes in the long run. It helps to define a path for outstanding results,

After Collecting all sorts of inspirational goodies that speak to you, share it with the interior designer that you are working with and express what you like about each piece. 
Based on this, with the help of the designer you will be able to determine how to move forward with the project.
In this stage I would also ask the client to give me more information about how they live and use the space. It could be information that they would provide me with as well as answer a series of questions so that the design could be tailored to the client’s desires, wants and needs.

Everyone’s project is different ranging from a whole house architectural interior design to designing a bedroom therefore needing a different approach.
If the price is a concern it is also good to set a realistic budget to which we can coordinate the design to.

After filtering the information that the client has provided me with, I would be able to come up with an overall design concept and apply it to the project.
We would then asses any existing goods that, the client might want to keep and reuse while seeing how it will fit with in the overall design.

Well planned out rooms = Great results


Before starting an interior design project, the preparation is very important. It will help to communicate your ideas and make your project a lot more pleasurable.
I believe that the project should be a journey, after all we are creating spaces that will reflect the clients' lifestyle- with an elevated level of style, function, comfort and artistry.
Good preparation will help you create a much more rewarding and accurate results along with satisfaction and greater appreciation.

One of the first things to focus on when getting started is to Look for Inspiration.
Many people go through magazines, books and other design projects which is absolutely fine, but great inspirations can be found anywhere.
Art, Jewelry, Book, Photos, Fabric- can all be fantastic inspiration sources. Anything goes, it doesn’t have to make much sense at that moment, but sometimes when it just feels good it is worth saving and putting it in your inspiration file. It is important on the other hand to notate why you are drawn to whatever you save- those silky woven pattern drapes, bright color backsplash or the modern style hotel lobby photo.

After compiling numerous items, go through it, observe and edit.
Look for relationships between what you have collected. Are there any patterns that you find in styles, textures, periods or color?
This is also a good time to take a second look at things that might have felt great at the moment, but are no longer drawing you in.

A few ways to collect your inspirations is in a: binder, folder, bulletin board or on your computer.

To Be Continued….

Some of my inspirations:


Dining Precision

Finding a piece of furniture that is not only intricate, amazing looking and fantastic quality always makes me happy. This dining table is just an absolute perfection.  It's an amazing piece of art at which the family can have dinner and your guests can admire it's detailed beauty.
It is a stately, handcrafted dining table. The original table is artfully composed of 29 individual disks; the impressive top is constructed of six sections of walnut or rosewood, engineered with traditional joinery. Each piece is numbered and stamped.
You can also have it made in square.

Mid Century lamps

I am obsessed with great table lamps
Besides the fact that they supply a nice glow of light while illuminating beautiful tables, accessories and textured objects. They can also be one of the best pieces in the room that everyone will talk about.
I love to use lamps to create height behind a sofa, on a entry console or to create symmetry in a room.
It is also no surprise that lamps can bring in a punch of color and pizazz of shapes.
Mid Century style lamps have fantastic forms shapes and colors. They are made from different materials with the use of clean lines, originality and great heights.Take a look at these bad boys that bring a smile to my face. You can find them at Swank lighting.

Jason Home and Garden Sale

Jason Home and Garden has a fantastic selection of unusual and original pieces with lots of character. One of my go to places for inspiration, furnishings and accessories.
It is having a great sale- 20% off on all upholstered furniture, through October 12.
Who doesn't love a great sale!

Pretty Drains

You may have seen different drain types for your shower, yet never really made a fuss about how the grate will look- since there were limited amount of choices to pick from.
Now you can dress up those little areas, or should I say -creatively accentuate them.
Designer Drains is now offering great looking accents for outdoor and indoor applications. Not only are the drains made from reclaimed stainless steel, they are also made in US and do not use plastic or pvc.
People will fall in love with your drainsJ


For the past five years here in Chicago, the Interior Design industry welcomes an amazing show called STITCH.

Stitch is one of the most popular industry events in Chicago. It is a runway show that features remarkable garments which are a product of many creative minds from local interior design firms. This year’s theme was: "Black & White and STITCHed All Over"

Before the design and production takes place, manufacturers pair up with designers to create imaginative attire from unusual products such as: wallpaper, tiles, laminate, interior design fabrics, blinds and more. Not to mention that people that are creating these designs are no fashion designers either.

On the other hand the show is very sophisticated and the garments could easily be avant-garde pieces featured on a real fashion runway.

The event is a great time to enjoy the show, mingle and catch some creative juices while contributing to a charity cause.

Below you will find my gorgeous friend Karina modeling for her design firm- Nelson. If you want to see other garments - click on the link below. Enjoy!

Rio de Janeiro wins bid for 2016 Summer Olympics

Today we finally received the long anticipated answer on who will be hosting the 2016 Olympics. For the first time in history South America will be hosting the summer games.

Congratulations to the beautiful Rio De Janeiro!!.

Amongst other runners up, was my hometown Chicago- which ended up being eliminated in the first round. Many Chicagoans are relieved by this decision, yet many are deeply saddened.

The 2016 Olympics is a big undertaking for the hosting city. It will drive major changes and improvements for the years to come, through the construction projects and tourist ventures. It will also generate great amount of temporary and long term jobs.

Brazil has a lot to offer: beautiful beaches, mountains, romance, bustling and energetic atmosphere along with crime ridden streets and slums. It beat Madrid 66-32 in the final vote.

Again, Congratulations Rio, and I will definitely be watching the 2016 summer games to the beats of Samba!!

photos by Google

Stylish Cottage

I am absolutely in love with the Cottage featured in the current issue of the Coastal Living magazine. The interior is a very successful blend of casual living, sophistication, ethnic flavor, romance and great style.
The muted background lets the corals, shades of pink, turquoise and purple pop and it brings the space to life.
Timeless accents in brass light fixtures, hardware and bathroom plumbing fixture give it a warm touch and a sense of elegant vintage.
At the same time the integration of clean lines and modern pieces (dining Bertoia chairs and side Saarinen table in the bedroom) give it an updated current feel.
We can't forget to point out the amazing backsplash tile in the kitchen as well as the global piece of art in the dining area with the addition to the antique tables, distinct pottery, bedroom on suite fabric and of course the stairwell wallpaper with a bit of glitz. These particular features definitely make this Cottage extra special with lots of flavor and originality.
Sooo yummy!