Outdoor Comfort Luxury

Rising temperatures have made me want to plan my outdoor activities. It makes me want to eat lunch at an outdoor cafe and sit outside while reading a magazine, finding a perfect cushy spot in the shade where you get the warm sunshine breeze without the glare.
All this would be so much better in the comfort of some amazing leisure pieces.
Take a look at some of these goodies. They are a total eye-candy as well as cozy nooks.

Jimmie Martin

You probably know by now that I love having a show-stopping moments in every space. One very intriguing company Jimmie Martin Ltd. creates the wow factor with it's furniture by merging classical form and adding urban and quirky touch to each piece.
Not only are Jimmie Martin's furniture unique in color, fabric and imagery, unusual text and painting treatments, but each piece is individually finished off to the clients personal taste.
Take a look at some of these fun and loud guys. It is no surprise that the first one is one of my favorites because of the dog imagery, which reminds me of my awesome pit bulls. :)

courtesy of Jimmie Martin Ltd.

One Amazing Bachelor Pad

There are many wonderful Bachelor Pads in Chicago. Some Bachelors prefer their homes to be very simple and modern. This Pad on the other hand, is a remarkable balance of deep colors, warmth, elegance, casual style as well as masculinity. With it's clean line aesthetic I could definitely live in this modern yet cozy adobe. Puffer’s Wicker Park condo also includes an amazing outdoor deck and terrace. I would fully enjoy the Chicago Spring and Summer on the fabulous outdoor deck. :)

 After purchasing this condo, Daran’s project evolved from few modern pieces that he found at his old antique shop. Those pieces included: pair of 1960s Op Art–style sconces, an Italian chrome chandelier and a vintage bar cart that could be converted into a sink console.

Take a look at this absolutely delicious Pad

photos by: Andreas Larsson     courtesy of :Chicago Home & Garden


One of my favorite current textiles is Suzani. It's amazing decorative motifs are bold, vibrant and beautiful.  Suzani is known for it’s amazing organic shapes and incredible vibrant colors.  

It is an antique decorative textile made in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asia Countries.
Suzani is a needlework textile which is originally created by a few women in pieces. It is later put together similar to a quilt. These amazing creations are usually made for some type of celebration and the color palette consists of vegetable dyed marvelous vibrant tones.

Original Suzani’s can get pretty pricey, but they are a definite works of art, not to mention the fact that they are very labor intensive.

Many current versions of Suzani are machine made and are depicted in pillows, throws, upholstery fabric and more. You can also find a more diverse color palette with a current Suzani , since as I mentioned earlier -the originals illustrate vivid bold vibrant tones.
Suzani is handmade, hand stitched and handed down.

I am trying to get my hands on one of these amazing pieces. My favorite Suzanis depict large motifs and include pinks and purples. Take a look at some of these different forms of these exquisite art pieces. 

photos include: donghia, met home, house beautiful, tonic home, ebay and others