NYC stop 1 ABC Carpet & Home

I will be traveling to New York very soon and on my list are many great places and events. One of the fun shops that I am planning on stopping over by is definitely the ABC Carpet &Home.
I am super excited about visiting this gem since I love their new and vintage merchandise. You can find something there for everyone not to mention Madeline Weinrib, oh yes that is where you can scoop up all those beautiful rugs, cushions, fabrics of hers that we all lust over. For those that want to get your hands on some of ABC home's goodies you can also purchase some things through their online store.
Can't wait!

Birds Flowers Butterflies in motion

I am in love with the Trove wallpaper, wood veneer and window film. The patterns are so organic and soft. The image of birds butterflies, pettals in motion is so magical. Showcasing it in a form of a wallcovering or window film creates such an amazing impact -as a large piece of some increadible art.

The beautiful and inteligent Ginkgo

Hope all of you had a fantastic weekend! It seems to be getting cooler out and the ourdoor walks are nice and brisk. The landscape is starting to change and soon we will start to see all the green tones transform in to bright yellows, oranges and reds. Fall is such a beautiful season, it's amazing how so many trees take on another persona through it's colors and contrasts. The dark tree bark against bright  tones of the tree leaves looks painterly and the trees ask to be photographed while the falling magnificent color leaves set the mood for horseplay.

One of my favorite trees is the Ginkgo tree. I absolutely love the fan shaped leaves and when the leaves turn sunny yellow -it just purely looks magical. The leaves are so perfectly tailored and look almost unreal and the fact that nature created such amazing beautiful shape is divine.

Ginkgo tree is a unique species with no close living relatives. For years it has been thought of as extinct in the wild. It is also a living fossil with fossils dating back to 270 million  years- Ha!
You may already know this but extract from these beautiful tree leaves is known as- Ginkgo Biloba and  it is used for medicinal purposes as a supplement to enhancet memory, concentration and anti-vertigo.
Smart and beautiful- Love those combinations don't you.?

I love Ginkgo for so many reasons and I adore it's beautiful motif being used in other forms such as wallpaper and fabric, jewelry, pottery etc.
As I always say, "surround yourself with things you love", in this case- maybe I should integrate some of that ginkgo motif in my home somewhere. Better yet, maybe it's time to also plant one by our house and take a trip to Japan for beautiful photos in the Ginkgo tree backdrop. Of course I must not forget to also seek out some quality Ginkgo supplements to support my memory and concentration; that way I can be my best while working on all these amazing projects. :)

by Kimberly Ayres



Time for Blogs

I have been extremely busy lately and I need to make sure to take rests in between not to burn out. It seems like so many great things are happening around me and I want to be able to do it all yet I can't. One of the most imporatant things that we are challenged with- is editing. I don't mean just editing a design, and outfit or a paragraph but editing our life. Every day I encounter so many events and choices where  I have to make a decision on. Sometimes it might not be the one that I would like to make ,but it might be the smartest one at that time - or the one that at the moment feels right.
One of my great luxuries is reading design magazines, books and blogs. They not only inspire me, but also  enrich my life with their stories, beautiful images, cultures and other people's lives. They take me to another place, a happy place filled with lots of deep thoughts, passions, strong statements, bold expressions and originality. It is extremely important for me to be creatively fueled, it's part of who I am and part of my drive in life that is why I constantly seek it out.

Today Rue Premiered. I am excited to see another beautiful magazine filled to the rim with inspirational images, stories, products and then some. It's great to see talented and driven Chicago ladies start up such a fantastic online publication! Crystal Gentillelo is Rue's Co-Founder and Editor and Chief,  who also writes a design blog Plush Palate.
My dear and beautiful friend Ashlina (that also writes a stylish interiors inspiring blog The Decorista ) wrote an article for the Rue's premiering issue about Woodson + Roomerfield- such a gareat story with fantastic images. Woodson + Roomerfield portrays a definite luxury through it's brand and amazing designs.
So here I am reading another inspiring online magazine and glancing through some of my favorite blogs to break up my crazy busy day, to get inspired and see what my other blogger friends, designers are up to.
I think I need to get one of these for my office, it is definitely so true on both parts - the blogs and the coffee and of course designed by one of my fave and very beautiful Graphic designers Jen Ramos of MadeByGirl who writes an amazing Design blog about interiors and design.


Woodson + Rummerfield- LA's fab design duo (Ashlina's article)

Awaiting Rue

I am excited and anxious to finally get to read the new Rue this Thursday. If you don't know yet, Rue is a new Online interiors magazine which premiers it's first issue this week on Thursday. It is looking mighty delicious and I can't wait to see it!
Even though I absolutely love and covet real glossies, I am also loving the new online version. There is something so much different about online magazines. It's amazing how you can click on items to get right to the source, how you can save your inspiration right to your folder on your computer and how you can glance through the pages while sending e-mails.
As I said this erlier on Monday, this week is full of excitement and Rue is one of them!
Here is a sneek peek of the cover featured by Apartment Therapy.

This weeks excitement the Nate Berkus show

Oh what a wonderful week we have ahead of us!
There are so many great things happening and I bet the week will fly by. Besides my wonderful projects and client meetings I am excited about numerous other events. Here is one that you can also take part in- Watching the Nate Berkus show!!
Today is the day when Nate Berkus' show starts! So excited to see it (although I probably won't be able to watch it while it's actually premiering ) but I will figure out a way :)
I love Nates sense of style and of course his attitude- so mellow, so confident, so happy and so artistic,,, oh that is exactly the type of people I love to surround myself with -Such good energy :)
Tell me.. are you as excited as I am? 
I know some great bloggers that had the pleasure to attend the taping of the show which sounds even more exciting and maybe I will get to see them in Nate's audience :)
Are you planning on watching the show?
Here is a little glimpse of Nate from a different engagement for HSN.:

New York Fashion looks that I would totaly Rock On

Fashion week New York is such an inspirational time of the year. So many amazing looks are born that lead to movements and develop great ideas in the creative industry.
Some pieces are extremely Avant Garde, those inovative looks are fantastic and thought provoking, but not necesarily wearable for most people.
Here are a few great looks from the New York Fall Fashion week that I would totally rock on.
Take a looksie and have a wonderful weekend!!

Love the Over the knee high sock/legwarmer look!!!

The hue is amazing, the movement is to die for,, it just needs extra linig in the bust area for me to wear :)

So fun and relaxed yet sheek

The form is new and unique- love the originality

The beautiful top with amazing pewter tone and the booties-oh so darling
I don't know about the makeup though, it makes the poor girl look sick or something.

Such simple, classy and sexy dress!

Comfy yet totally fun look!

Worthy for the workplace but the hat makes it sooo much fun!!

All Photos by Harpers Bazaar