My Paintings & my Interiors

It has been raining for a couple of days now and the weather is gloomy. I find this weather to be rather relaxing and great time to go into my painting studio area and Paint. Something about creating a painting is so time specific, I have to be in a certain mood and it is NOW :). I would love to squeeze in a painting session in between all the other work I have to do today, yet the reality is it might just have to wait for the weekend. For now feel free to take a peek at couple paintings I have created in the past, which also hang proudly in the interior landscape ;-)
Enjoy your day!

Interior Design by EDYTA&CO. , Styling by Edyta Czajkowska, Paintings (Art) by Edyta Czajkowska- Acrylic on canvas.

Interior Design by EDYTA&CO. , Styling by Edyta Czajkowska, Paintings (Art) by Edyta Czajkowska- Acrylic on canvas.

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My favorite Art Photography by Roberto Dutesco

I adore many artists in various medias. I enjoy paintings, and as an artist myself I also love to create them. Photography is another art form that I so appreciate. It's this amazing real, perfect instant capture that makes it so powerful.  I know I talk about art a lot, yet Art is such a big part of my life that I can not talk enough about it. It really touches people in so many ways, makes you think, exudes a feeling that you haven't felt before, takes you to another place and puts things in perspective.

I love art that is uplifting, art that portrays happiness, beauty, energy, tranquility, softness and art that inspires you to dream, I also love quirky almost funny pieces that make me giggle.
Roberto Dutesco's photography of the wild horses of Nova Scotia's Sable Island is this subject matter that let's me dream, it makes me increadibly happy and it stirs up lot's of emotions. It's true and innocent beauty!
In one sentence- Roberto Dutesco's Nova Scotia horse photographs are on ANOTHER LEVEL! These are by far some of my FAVORITE pieces of art. They are so inspiring, absolutely beautiful, innocent and so captivating. I love them for many reasons, they represent so much to me: Purity, Freedom and a sense of Remote Simplicity, Pure Joy...

Sable Island is a narrow sandbar located in Nova Scotia, this island has over 400 horses and it is protected by the Canadian Government, therefore the artist had to get permission to go there and photograph these beautiful creatures. Roberto Dutesco's work captures years and years of photographing these horses in their own habitat- Absolutely Amazing, this would make me SO happy.

As you know I am a huge animal lover and animal advocate, so seeing these creatures behave so freely in their own habitat makes me smile. Animal personalities are extremely interesting and joyous to me,seeing these moments in photos is so powerful and peaceful and magical, it makes my heart skip a beat.

I would love to own one of these pieces one day. It's Pure Joy!  :)
Do you love or own any of these amazing works of art? I'd love to see it or hear about it?

Have a lovely week everyone!

One of my favorite photos! Absolutely Beautiful!!! :)



Sable Island


Nova Scotia- do you see the Sable Island ,, it puts it in perspective how remote it is

Bedroom interior design project- "the finishes". EDYTA&CO.

I wanted to share with you some textiles and finishes of a current Bedroom project I am working on. This bedroom design is subtle and soft in color yet the textiles, wallpaper and it's details really add interest and will create beautiful, comforting and restful environment. Take a look at the photos below where you will notice details for different elements in the room. I love love textiles, soft goods, wallpapers, layers, and creating an organized and tailored environment in the room. All these coordinated and well planned pieces give it a nice level of sophistication and coordination that I think each room needs on some level. Take a look at this project, where you will discover the overall color scheme, fabric elements for every upholstered piece of furniture, drapery textiles with ribbon detail, as well as the paint and wallpaper .

The overall color scheme including textiles, paint, wallpaper and detail ribbon.

This will be the wallpaper behind the bed headboard, Isn't it delicious and graphically enticing. It has a lot of movement yet when installed in larger volumes it will give it a different feeling and effect. More of a beautiful line movement and a cut stone veining effect. I love it!

Here you see the Paint which will be located on surrounding walls, it has hue of green in it yet it is toned down in the grayer color area. The fact that it is not so hue saturated makes it very relaxed and soothing tone yet it gives some vibrancy to the room. On the right you see two levels of drapery treatment fabrics. The first is the beautiful sheer fabric which will give a nice soft effect with beautiful cream line movement. The second Cream silk will go over the top with a beautiful geometric ribbon detail at it's edge. The silk will be closed off when needed full privacy and view obstruction.

The deep green velvet to the right will be used to upholster the headboard which will look phenomenal and lucious against the graphic wallpaper in the back. The rest of the beautiful fabrics will be used for pillows on the bed and one on a side chair. These fabrics will not only add and incorporate the whole color scheme to the room but they will also add the proper graphic, layered and texture elements the room needs to to work together in balance.

 To the very right the "leopart print fabric" will be used on a bench at the foot of the bed. It just gives it that fun glamurous feeling and it's definitely a beautiful pattern that will complete the the look, The cream textured chenille will be used to upholster a side arm chair on which there will be a beautiful pillow in the honeycomb pattern fabric. The chenille will add a nice texture to the room as well as softness with it's beautiful soft cream tone.

Yess, I do love textiles and soft goods, They add so much depth and personality. Choosing the right type of fabrics for different pieces in every room could really transform it in SO many ways. Bedrooms in particular are definitely a place where you need to create some order and tranquility to help you relax and make you feel happy. It's a place where adding layers could create a phenomenal cozy yet elegant feeling.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!

Live Your Best Life

To say that the last two weeks have been busy and emotionally packed for me- would be an understatement. From family overseas to at home pet events intertwined with sadness, decisions and reflection, in addition to every day life and busy work weeks.

Our lives have been and will always be filled with these moments. The key is to live your best life, enjoy and savor each moment and seek happiness. Based on these thoughts I can't help but to think about our homes. It's no surprise that our life evolves around the home, our loved ones -family & friends. It is SO important to feel your happiest, most comfortable, relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired in YOUR home.
This is why I so dearly love residential design. It isn't simply because we could make an environment look beautiful and fabulous (which is wonderful), It is because I can help a person create a space that supports their life and creates a setting they long for and feel their best in. We are all different, we all have different needs, desires and different aspects of life make us happy.
We all love and prefer different things- different songs, we prefer different flowers, colors, scents, movies, foods, fashion styles, vacation types; we enjoy different activities to  unwind- weather it is dancing, watching a movie or having a quiet night with great wine and gourmet meal or reading a book. This is why each one of us has such unique and specific needs to feel our ULTIMATE BEST. Recognize these aspects of your life and you will live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

However you look at it, your life is centered around your home. This is where you could truly be yourself and in your level of comfort and the perfect mood that makes YOU feel your best.  It's amazing how by creating a mood /feeling in a space along with, level of comfort, in addition to functionality to help with your habits & daily activities- through interior design, we can create a space that truly supports your lifestyle.
I am sure you have experienced this perfect outcome at some point. Maybe you looked at pages from a design magazine where a photo of a room just felt so wonderful, comforting and made you feel right at home. OR maybe you stopped over someones house and the interior just made you feel at  peace and you loved being there. Sometimes you might not even known why you felt the way you did while looking at a room or when you were in that space, and that is usually when it's best. I ask my clients this question when we start designing a space- "How do you want the space to feel?" It's very important to really reflect and think about what makes you tick and how you want to feel in your surroundings. The way you feel is so important for your well being and you should pay attention to that.

Some people want to feel refreshed, energized & stimulated when they are at home; Others want to come home and feel relaxed and peaceful; And there are people that want it to feel dramatic and luxurious -- These are all wonderful -yet YOU have to be truthful about what speaks to YOU and what makes YOU feel your best. In addition to the mood, we also have our lifestyle needs and habits- which is a whole other part, that with application of Good Design the function, beauty & mood WILL coalesce.

As I talk about your home interior design and your lifestyle needs that ultimately feed your soul and allow you to be and feel your best. I also challenge you to seek out moments in your life that truly speak to YOU and make you feel happy- Eat while using your best dishes; Enjoy those beautiful candle lit dinners with a great bottle of wine; Buy fresh flowers once a week; Make time to play with your kids and perhaps create a play room in your home or plan to go on a road trip ; Make time for fun with your friends by creating dinner parties or having a night out; Pamper yourself - go to a spa; Create healthier habits through healthier diet and exercise. Whatever it is that is important to you and your happiness go for it and remember to - LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. :)

Me and my wonderful doggies! I love spending time with them and they are a big part of my family. Animals make me happy, they are so amazing in so many ways.

Having a well designed and functional kitchen is very important to me since I love to cook and eat healthy vegetarian meals. :)
Project designed  by Edyta Czajkowska also featured in Daily Herald

Fresh cut flower! Love them and always want them in my house. This is one of my center pieces I created, it smelled divine and looked Oh so beautiful!!

A small detail shot from one of my projects. My wonderful client started collecting mirrors from travels over the years and wanted to start a mirror collection wall display. We created a focal point in the room where the beginning of the mirror collection now resides and will continue to grow. It is a wonderful way to display your memories and create a meaningful statement in your interior environment. :)

Lake Forest Showhouse Sunday

I enjoy visiting designer showhouses and taking a peek at what other designers concocted in each room, while given freedom in utilizing and showcasing their skills and style. I would love to take a grand tour to different states to see as many showhouses as I can, and although I will probably not see them all in one year, I will be sure to check out most of them at some point.
This Sunday was a perfect time to visit The Lakeforest Showhouse (which benefits the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago). It is one of the most prestigious showhouses in America and it was definitely full of eye candy.
Sunday was a perfect day to tour the house. I took my lovely Mom for Mother's day, before we headed out to a family dinner.
The Thorndale Manor designed by Howard Van Doren Shaw featured 25 rooms, 6 bedrooms and 5.5 baths. In addition to the Manor, the tour also included a coach house, which itself was 5,500 square feet. The house sits on beautiful grounds, next to a lake that is over 100  years old. The weather was dreamy and the grounds were perfectly bloomed in luscious foliage, it was a divine day. It was also a day when the weather in Chicago finally decided -It's SPRIG (since it couldn't decide up to this point). Well needless to say - It was a PERFECT day for a showhouse tour.

Unfortunately I did not take any photos since it is not allowed, I scoured the Internet to give you a few looks and I was in Luck. I am sure that after the house tour is done we shall see the house photos in one of our lovely shelter publications.
Also, please note -the front of the manor (in the first photo) depicts the home Before the transformation, It's absolutely amazing what the talented landscape designers created with the outdoor space and gardens, and you should definitely pay a visit to check it out.

I encourage everyone to visit this beautiful Design Showhouse. Not only will you immerse yourself in yummy details, but contribute to a great benefit.

Front of the Thorndale Manor (before the transformation)
 photo via interiordesignsense

Staircase in the foyer

Sunroom via Bradley Hughes

 Dining Room via Daily Herald

Bedroom via Daily Herald

 Kitchen via Daily Herald

Happy Mother's day to All wonderful Mommas :)

It's Mother's Day! I love my Mom so very much and I can't tell her enough how much I apreciate her for all that she has done for me.
I wish all you wonderful Mommas a wonderful Mother's day. Have a beautiful Sunday and make sure to let your Mom know how much you apreciate her!

My sister and I, on Mother's day (a few years back) with my wonderful SuperMom  :)

Art in Interior Design

This past weekend at the Merchandise Mart Chicago there was a fantastic annual event called Artropolis.
What is Artropolis you ask- It's a Chicago celebration of Art, Antiques and Culture.
It's a fantastic way to see abundant amount of Artist's work, Antiques in one place and purchase them if you desire to do so. In addition, these my friends are works of some of the most amazing artists around the world.
I am a painter myself and therefore I  definitely appreciate the beautify of such an immense variety of original work. It's definitely stimulating, inspiring and thought provoking!

Art is an amazing addition to any room, whether its an intriguing photograph, abstract oil painting or a collage -  it can do SO much for interior of a room.
Art brings- personality, mood, drama as well as focal point and can even start a color palette for the entire house.

I love scoping out original works that add so much soul and personality. At the moment I am on the hunt for a few beautiful pieces for client projects. When looking for piecs it's a hard not to scoop up some of these pieces for myself.

Take a look at some of my projects that include different type of artwork:
Enjoy :)

Large abstract colorful bright art, adds impact and energy to the interior environment.  project by Edyta&Co. Interior Design

In this project the landscape art plays beautifully with the cholorscheme, it accentuates the woodtones and creates a relaxed muted feeling

Beautiful soothing black and white photography adds a  soft and modern touch while accentuating minimal and  relaxed feel in this hi rise bedroom. (Project by Edyta & Co. Interior Design)