The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding for Prince William and Kate is almost here. I know many of you have been awaiting it patiently and have your alarms set for bright and early in order to tune in. I have to say - I am excited to see  the fabulousity myself!
I am looking forward to watch the grand entry and perhaps see THE DRESS, the jewels, the entourage, the ceremony, the reception, the flowers, the table settings, the cake the desserts, all the beautiful details and so much moreee...
Tell me what are you most excited about ?? Are you tuning in for anything specific or just the royal wedding magic :)
Enjoy guys, I am sure it will be nothing less than spectacular!

xo ~Edyta


The dress


Reception, flowers

Rain to Sunshine

It has been raining a lot lately and the temperatures can't make up their mind-- if they are ready for spring or not- & I hope they ARE! Although those rainy days could very well be great for productivity in the office they are not so great for my hair ;) I suddenly become curly sue with big frizz on my head.
 I know that the rain will help the luscious green gardens flourish and bloom and I can't wait for that! I am hoping to make our garden beautiful this year so that we could enjoy the outdoors to the fullest!
Tell me about your garden are you planning anything different this year?

Happy Easter!

I wish all of you a beautiful & happy Easter!
Aren't these little munchkins beautiful! I love bunnies :)

Prince William and Kate's Interior Designer

There has been a lot of buzz about Prince Willam & Kate's upcoming wedding. Many of us are awaiting the BIG DAY -so that we can take part in this long awaited lavish ceremony. Sure -I am also interested to see how this ceremony will unveil. I love to peek at anything that is grand and spectacular, in addition i love to study the fabulous gowns and lavish attires in the midst of the beautiful festivities.

Yet another aspect which I am very interested in is their Interior Designer - who was recently selected to design their home.
The designer of their choice is Kenneth Bordevick who is an American interior designer located in Beverly Hills - How fabulous is that!!. I hear that the project will be top secret, but maybe one day we will see some of the rooms in one of the fabulous publications :)  -you never know.
I am not sure what the style of the royalty's home will be, yet I am guessing it will probably be a somewhat ornate, classical and over the top.
Since my design style involves clean lines and tailored aesthetic I definitely gravitate to the modern designs of Kenneth's work. Modern design can be very soft and relaxed, yet it can also be very rich, bold and fascinating.
Take a look at some of his fabulous work that spoke to my taste and style. Enjoy!










Girl & the Goat- Dinner time

Out & About
This week was filled with lots of work (office and covering massive mileage to find perfect pieces for projects) in addition to some Fun!
I love blending hard work days with pleasure and fun, that is what life is all about for me. It's about Passion, helping people through my work (Interior Design which is also my passion :) I breathe it, eat it, sleep it, basically live it) while blending my days with- having great lunches, dinners, meeting friends for cocktails after work, Taking our pooches on a fun adventure,  Going to see a fun play/ performance, Checking out an art gallery etc. It's important for me to blend my life in this way to continually stay inspired, driven and happy.

On Thursday my Guy and I went to grab some dinner and drinks at Girl and the Goat. For those that don't know about this restaurant- the owner & executive chef is Stephanie Izard - the winner of "Top Chef season 4".
It's a casual dining restaurant located in the ChicagoWest Loop neighborhood with warm ambiance yet industrial appeal with rustic and edgy vibe. The place was PACKED. We had to book 3 months in advance to get a table after 5.
The atmosphere was lively and helps you unwind while the American Tapas style dishes are definitely fun to eat in groups. It's also great that they have a Vegetarian section of the menu  (YaY for me :) )
I absolutely LOVE the drawing of the Goat logo and would love to know who is the artist behind this super cute creature ? Anyone know?
Now let me rein myself in- what I really wanted to share with you today is interior photos of this fun venue. Check out the warm, comfortable yet dramatic interior of this incredibly busy restaurant and you should definitely go check it out if you are up for great Top Chef's gourmet tapas in a fun relaxed atmosphere.
Happy Weekend! ~Edyta

See the GOAT logo on the napkin holder- That's the cuteness I'm talking about :)
photo via Girl & the Goat
photo via Girl & the Goat
this and all below photos via I4design

Jeremiah Goodman's interior illustrations- Artist spotlight

As part of our Interior Design process we sometimes involve illustrations (perspective drawings and renderings) in our project design presentation to portray the designed space with given architectural elements, specified furntiure, fixtures, art,  different materials, colors and other elements.
It's definitely an artform to create a beautiful rendering and not everyone is phenomenal at this- which is why I love and admire the work of Jeremiah Goodman. Jeremiah's pieces are on another level when it comes to interior illustrations. They are stunning pieces and I would love to include one or two of his originals in my art collection one day.

Artist Spotlight:
Jeremiah Goodman started out as an illustrator, he briefly did some work for set designs and designed adverts for Lord & Taylor. He later became the cover artist for Interior Design magazine and went on to illustrate for Harpers Bazzar and  Vogue. Throughout his career he also embarked on numerous furniture design and product design projects. Later he was approached to produce a selection of his work in print form which have recently resurected .

Take a look at these amazing pieces and the insanely talented Mr. Jeremiah :


Marble couterstops in the kitchen

The Friday Scoop

As I was making our Friday dinner and sipping on a glass of wine I couldn't help but to think about all that had gone on and meetings that took place this week.
One of my client's meetings this week involved an initial concept for Kitchen design where we discussed ideas the overall look and the wish list. One of the topics that came up (which I also discussed with many other clients) was - White Marble Counter tops. This client loves the look (as do I) and therefore I must inform them all that comes with having a beautiful white marble as the kitchen counter top.

White Marble is a beautiful stone which looks stunning and is a classic timeless material. It's look is extremely versatile and can fit in both - modern and very traditional interiors.
In the kitchen however it has to be addressed before specified since there is a lot of love and care that needs to go into this beautiful stone.
White marble counters could be easily stained, etched and scratched. Spills should be easily wiped down otherwise you will see visible water spots or stains. Hot and rough objects shouldn't be placed on the marble surface and any alcohol, colored liquids or foods and acidic spills should be avoided as they will easily stain the counters. It is good idea to seal it and use trays and mats. If you don't mind making sure your counter is always clean and pristine and can follow these guidelines OR don't mind a bit of patina and age that comes with the marble's use,  then you my friend are the perfect candidate for this beautiful stone.

I personally love white marble in the kitchen and if you are up to give it all the love and care it deserves and can't resist the look then you should go for it!

There are many beautiful versions to choose from so don't be shy and explore it's natural sexy beauty!
Tell me do you have marble countertops? If so how do you keep it clean and looking it's best?

Have a wonderful evening and a great weekend!! xo ~Edyta

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christopher peacocks kitchen

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Million Dollar Decorators

A new design show will soon grace the Bravo tv channel, which I am super excited about. The name of the show is - Million Dollar Decorators and it's cast is complete with fantastic and accomplished designers to the Very Affluent. I am a big fan of watching something that I can resonate with and in this case it involves designers which I admire. I can't wait, I am sure it will be great since we are dealing with some major luxury- (which I love so much!) yet at this high level there are also Very high expectations.
Tell me are you excited about the show? I can hardly wait!! We shall also talk about this fab cast very soon!

Bravo tv