Piece of the day!

I am absolutely in love with this sofa. Not only is is a beautiful substantial piece, but comfortable, romantic, powerful and definitely classy. I love the stemless one piece sit cushion - it gives it a great modern touch.
On the other hand all the rest intricate details from the tufting, nail heads, scroll arms and organic print pillows put a smile on my face. Yummm it's definitely Not So Vanilla :) Can't wait to use it somewhere!

Spanx on the Inside

One of my favorite business start-up stories is the story of Spanx. Sara Blakely is my huge inspiration because of her drive, persistence and faith in developing her product and business. Not only did her business take off and grow, but it is one of the most sought after fashion products for women today.
Since the bright idea of Spanx in 1998 the brand has developed grown and recently outgrown it’s Atlanta headquarters. Spanx needed a newly designed space that would accommodate their growing staff and reflect the Spanx brand.
The offices are designed with Spanx’s energetic culture in mind. It was important to reflect fun family atmosphere with girly yet grown up appeal. Throughout the space you will find bold colors and pattern just like Sara’s bold approach to her business. Many residential feeling ornate and feminine details are spread across the space that delivers a Not so corporate Spanx environment to a different level.

photos -courtesy of Interior Design magazine

Manhattan’s Big Window Challenge

To spark inspiration for this New Year, Bloomingdales in New York created the Big Window Challenge where three designers created model studio vignettes.  Three big windows by Apartment Therapy, ELLE DÉCOR & Bloomingdales were installed on January 19th and we can all vote for our favorite one.  The voting ends on January 28th. To cast your vote go to BigWindowChallenege.com

I personally love some parts to every vignette. Bold Hues in ELLE DECOR'S window are so fresh and energetic. That fantastic table offsetted the modern vibe.
 Bloomingdale's window is so pleasant, clean and uncluttered with the addition to different layers of warm & cozy.
Apartment Therapy on the other hand, has a nice lived in comfy historic feeling with the addition to an elegant chandelier.
All so different and unique!

Eddie Ross for ELLE DECOR

Eileen Joyce for Bloomingdale's

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan for Apartment Therapy

photos by BigWindowChallenge.com

Health and Safety at home!

As an NCIDQ Certified and Licensed Interior Designer, I am not limited to creating just beautiful spaces.  It is important for me to provide an attractive interior environment while also focusing on safety, comfort, function and well-being of each and every client.
I recently had an interview for The Daily Herald Newspaper article, where I gave advice on Safety and Health in your home.
While building or remodeling a home, safety and health should be a priority of each home owner. It is important to have an attractive home since it also contributes to your mood and emotional well being, yet there are other factors that need to be taken into account as well. There are many important guidelines to go by when designing and planning a home, while selecting fixtures and finishes as well as furniture and fabrics.  It is also essential to design a space that has good air quality, has safe surfaces and eliminates potential accidents.
The article will be featured tomorrow Sunday January 17th in The Daily Herald.

Clean unobstructed path kitchen by EDYTA & CO.

Cooktop controls are located on top of the cooktop with a child safe lock option.

Burj Dubai Opens Today 01.04.10

In 2008 I had an opportunity to work on a residential tower in Dubai which was lead by the same development company as Burj Dubai.

Some say that since the transformation of Dubai began, 16% of the world's large construction cranes resided in Dubai.  

Dubai has the largest population out of the seven emirates and is the second-largest emirate by area, after Abu Dhabi.

Today Dubai graced the opening of the world's tallest skyscraper Burj Dubai.

Burj Dubai stands at just over 2,625 feet.

Wall Street Journal photo

Wall Street Journal photo