Room Design to Fashion Design and the other way around

For those that followed the NYC fashion week , you can probably agree with me that there was plenty Chartreuse - which I LOVE. I can wear that color, design with it and paint with it and even my business cards had Chartreuse in it (which I might still use in my collateral) :). It's such a fabulous fresh and happy color. I am so happy to see it since I will be buying most of it :) . The talented Christian Siriano and Jason Wu had plenty of it in their collections and I LOVED every bit of it. These few outfits in Christian Sirianos collection reminded me of one of my beloved makeover rooms that was featured a while back in House Beautiful by the also super talented Amanda Nisbet. She used one of my favorite ikat fabrics (that has beige/gray & chartreuse in it) on the bed headboards and transformed the whole room from blah to airy, fresh, happy, fun yet calm room. These outfits also portray a similar aesthetic- fun, airy fresh and sassy, I'm loving all these amazing pieces, the colors and you should go check out the rest of the collection it's Fantastic!

so sophisticated yet so fresh!

Loving the relaxed feel and the color just adds that amazing fun drama

This outfit is so fantastic! so simple yet soo chic!

mm I just love the feeling of this bed, the headboard is fantastic, the lamps are dreamy and the freshness of all the white just makes me want to jump in and go right to sleep- Lovely!

So beautiful and natural, the lanterns add such great vibe and that fantastic desk and the art are the perfect compliment to the rest of the room. All those Charteruse details ad such fun element, don't they!