Unpretentious Scandinavian Interior

It's cold and it keeps snowing here in Chicago. It looks quite magical outside with all this snow but wearing heals in this weather is definitely not practical or safe ;-)  ( I say this after my weekend episode where I wore stilettos to a client meeting...  high heals + mountains of snow and slush = not such good combination.. lol )
But enough about that.. today I am getting my sunshine by glancing at some fabulous Scandinavian interiors. How fantastic is this space! I love the feeling of the unpretentious beauty in this environment with the bright happy appeal, lots of natural light and so much architectural bones and character. I also love the juxtaposition of modern art, bright bold colors mixed in with some gold and other classical elements,, - so easy going yet elegant! It's not for everyone but it's definitely an unexpected yet original look.
So maybe there are quite a bit of good that can result by marrying of opposites.