BOD 2011 - New York

I am off to New York today for an annual Business of Design Conference. I will be meeting some of my wonderful friends while learning a ton and getting inspired.
Have a beautifull rest of the week! I will share some photos when I return.

Chicago Home + Garden Magazine feature

Tomorrow bright and early I am leaving to New York and I have lots to do before my departure.
Besides taking care of some project stuff and a client meeting, I still have to pack and run a bunch of errands. A nice delivery this morning arrived- few copies of Chicago Home + Garden Magazine where we are featured TWICE. One feature is in the Expert advice article and another is part of the Designers' Portfolio. We are thrilled to be part of this fantastic publication once again. Pick up a copy it sure is a Beautiful magazine that I have been reading for YEARS :)
Have a splendid day!

Roasted Beets Recipe

I love to eat healthy and it just so happens that I enjoy all sorts of healthy foods. My pallet craves vegetables, fruit and fresh vitamin packed dishes. Since I was a child my mom cooked very healthy and our breakfast, dinner and supper was always  prepared from scratch, fresh from fantastic whole food ingredients.
Creating beautiful meals is something that was a collaboration, we created meals together and my sister and I very often cooked ourselves at a very young age. Because of this, cooking comes very natural to me and  preparing meals is a true joy for me, it also allows me to create very healthy meals that are exactly what I desire and they perfectly nourish my body.

One of  my favorite and incredibly healthy vegetables are beets, I love them in so many different forms. I love them in soups, salads, cooked, roasted etc. The deep red color holds so many fantastic nutrients and I encourage you to include this super food in your diet. There are different types of beets out there and combining different colors together creates such beautiful effect.

I came across a recipe that I haven't tried yet and thought you might want to try it with me, it sounds very easy to prepare and super delicious. :)
I'd love to hear if you try it.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Roasted Beets
Serves 4Use a variety of beets for various colors and levels of sweetness. Reds have a stronger flavor than Chioggias, which are also known as candy stripes because they have rings of red and white when cut. Roasting beets brings out their natural sweetness. A drizzle of honey and balsamic vinegar with fresh mint marries all the flavors together.

12 to 16 assorted small beets, such as dark reds, Chioggia, and golden (about 2 pounds)
5 tablespoons olive oil
Coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper
4 sprigs fresh thyme
2 teaspoons honey
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons fresh small mint leaves for garnish

1. Heat the oven to 400 degrees. Put the beets in an ovenproof pan. Drizzle with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, then sprinkle with salt, pepper, and sprigs of thyme; toss to coat. Cover with aluminum foil and roast for 25 minutes, or until a knife slides through the beets with ease.
2. When cool enough to handle, peel the beets and cut into medium-size wedges. Set aside in a medium serving bowl.
3. In a medium bowl, mix the honey, vinegar, the remaining 3 tablespoons olive oil, salt, and pepper; pour over the beets and toss to coat. Taste and adjust the seasoning. Garnish with the mint.

Recipe by chef Bill Taibe, Le Farm, Westport, Connecticut
via House Beautiful


One of the most important parts of a design project is gathering information from my client. The first conversations are really in depth and it's important for me to really understand what makes them happy, what speaks to them and when they feel their best. Of course we notate everything that pertains to this in addition to everything that has to do with their needs and desires.
Part of that process is gathering inspirations, this comes from me as a designer and from the client as well. I encourage each client to really take some time to flip through magazines and think about what speaks to them. The best way is to keep these inspirations even if you are not certain why you love a given image.
My job is to interpret this and discuss what is it about this that you love so much and how can we incorporate this type of fantastic feeling into your home.
I love this part and I encourage everyone to do this. If you come across something you love, make a note of it, tear it out and save it. I promise you it will come in handy when you want to create the most wonderful interior space for yourself to live in and feel  your best in.

Here are some of my current inspirations:

images via pinterest


Guess who is in Chicago today.. Holly Becker from Decor8 is stopping over today!  How exciting is that!
She will be visiting our Anthropology today to sign her fabulous book -DECORATE . The book has been a huge success and is now being printed in many other languages. I hope to make it to the event to say helloo :)
Have a beautiful day everyone!

The book

 Some images from the book

Images via Amazon

New Office & Store Front

I am currently starting to research and look for our new office & perhaps a store front location either in Chicago or a Chicago suburb. I am doing some more research and deciding where I want the business to go with this new location. Even though we might very well have a retail storefront, I am not sure if in fact I will have an actual brick & mortar retail part of the business, yet there will most likely be one coming soon on the Internet. As far as the new location goes, it might just be a fantastic new space for our new office where lots of designing takes place, client meetings and everything that pertains to our business. I will keep you updated what I decide to do and what else is going on as it pertains to the interior design of the space.
In the meantime take a look at some of the storefronts & offices that I do love & enjoy the rest of your day!

Perfect storefront! LOVE the White & Black combo- beautifully modern & classic!

Beautifully modern and minimal storefront!
Perfect blend of classic & modern, sleek clean lined store front- would love this!

Bold colors yet modern and sleek storefront of Tory Burch store

Beautifully clean, Modern , White and it has my initial! :)

Pretty charcoal
Beautiful design office of Suzanne Kesler
so bright and full of light. Fantastically white and soft tones

Crazy inspiring office of Kelly Wearstler, bold, fun & creative

Great high ceiling, fun warm vibe , great soothing feeling

images via Pinterest

Curated sitting room

To celebrate the end of the week I put together a room for you by curating pieces from One Kings Lane & Joss & Main -where you can find some incredible deals on designer brand pieces for the home. The inventory changes quickly and once it's gone it's gone which is why you get such wonderful prices. What I did was scoped out today's inventory and put together a sweet sitting room where both a guy and a girl could happily live. I wanted to create a happy room that burst with color, felt soothing yet had some sexy substatinal pieces. Take a look and feel free to purchase the whole room if you would like. I already curated the pieces so most work is done :)
Enjoy and Happy Weekend!

Peacock blue Obsession

One of my favorite colors is Peacock Blue- some may refer to it as turquoise, teal or aqua. I have loved it to pieces since I can remember and can seriously surround myself with this hue in so many ways.
As I am a big believer is surrounding yourself with everything that you love and what makes you happy, hence why I own so many Peacock blue pieces in my wardrobe and at home.

I adore Peacock blue, I think it could be used in the home design in so many ways, weather it is with an amazing impact paint, wallpaper or upholstery, lamps, accessories, painted furniture pieces, art or drapery.
This color pairs so amazingly with so many other tones, to be honest I think every color goes well with it. It's a historical  and such a timeless color and will withstand the test of time. While paired up with other tones it could bring in more impact or feel soothing. It looks fantastic paired up with blue or amazingly contrast against a pink. It will look sophisticated and sexy while used with brown, gray or black or be very fresh and soothing against creams & whites.

It is no surprise that I and many others love this superb color, It's definitely a color you want to use when you want to create a relaxing mood. So go ahead and inject some peacock into your homes!

This exact shade is my all time favorite! I can't wait to paint one of my rooms this color! AMAZING!

One of my favorite kitechens ever by Miles Redd. Love this showstopper to pieces!

How about this fabulous laquer wall,, ahh I Dieeee! love!

Pillow Talk

With so many pillow options for the bed, no wonder people get confused with pillow sizes and styles.
No worries, I am here to give you the breakdown of most common pillow terms and their measurements. Although there are many pillow types, you can always customize the size of your pillows, pillow cases & shams to create the best result for your design.
I love pillows, beautiful linens and the custom possibilities. Pillows make the bed so beautiful and create a central point in the bedroom.

Pillow Talk -Wasn't that movie so fun! I love old movies! Now I want to watch it again :)

Here are some standard names and sizes for your bed pillows:

Standard ~This is a most commonly used pillow t ype it measures 20 x 26 inches
Queen- A bit larger and often used on a queen size beds 20 x 30 inches
King- Best for King and California-size beds. Longer than a standard pillow by 10 inches 20 x 36"
Euro- This square decorative pillow is larger than Standard pillow at 26 x 26 inches
Boudoir- Is a small accent pillow on the bed. It is usually centered on the bed setting as a final decorative element.
Bolster- Also an accent pillow yet in a cylindrical shape.

Check out these beautiful Standard pillows with a beautiful bolster pillow in front that coordinates with the bed skirt. Beautiful!
via decorpad

This set up is also beautiful, three layers of pillows on a King size bed, Euro, Queen & Bolster in the front. via decorpad

King size pillows in the back with beautiful two Euros upholstered in chocolate velvet and Boudoir leopard beauty in the front. Looks Goergous!
via decorpad

Milo Baughman

Furniture & Artist Showcase

As you may see above, today's post is categorized as both Furniture & Artist. The reason for this is- Milo Baughman. Milo Baughman was an amazing furniture designer whom I consider an artist (I think all forward thinking furniture designers are artists so in my coming furniture posts I will not repeat this but categorize under Furniture from now on :)).
Milo Baughman was one of the leading modern furniture designers of the second half of the 20th century. His pieces showcase how far in advance he was with his amazing modern thinking. His furniture is so perfectly clean lined, glamorous, sexy and timeless, I just go gaga for it.
Milo's pieces have clean lines, incorporate beautiful brushed or polished chrome & brass elements. These metal details are usually used as an outside frame of the furniture, also as legs and many of his pieces use the metal detail throughout the back. This is why I love his furniture pieces so much, I just love the simplicity yet so much interest that goes into every one of these works of art & the fact that the backs of most of his pieces are so beautiful is where I melt.
If you love modern furnishings like I do, then I am sure you came across some of his designs or perhaps some pieces that were modeled after his designs.
Take a look at some fabulous examples of his work:

I am in LOVE with these 1970's tufted arm chairs I am on a hunt for four which could be reupholstered. Something about the amazing slim sleek chrome frame and the stunning back profile while still having a beautifully tufted and comfortable chair. The addition of the arm pads is like whip cream on a strawberry. Delish!

  These blue mohair beauties with the amazing deco feel is magnificent. Just enough bling, drama, and modern in one piece. Love!

This 1970s lounger with the brass base is AMAZING. It's so handsome and so comfortable it just fits in a luxurious interior so perfectly. I want one of these too!

These sexy 1980s Swivel chairs with a brass base would be SO SEXY in a phenomenal Master bedroom or a Gorg dressing room. So perfectly Lucious and a lots of romance!
 Thes Luxe Tufted Lounge chairs are perfectly Masculine and Luxurious- YUM!!!

This 1970's tuxedo sofa has amazingly clean lines with the balance of tufting. The detail of the chrome leg makes it so sleek and beautiful! Such a timeless piece

These babies need some major reupholstery and new filling but they are just so magnificent. The brass gives it such a serious attractive detail that
 This 1950s 8 button bench with tapered brass legs will fit in any style room. Such a simplistic beauty- could be upholstered in so many amazing fabrics- OH MY!  :)
 These Chrome X base ottomans can add so much bling, interest & versatility while being sleek and modern. Such Beauties!
How about these Club chairs, Aren't they beauties!

These Cantilever chrome base barstools are fanastic! Just the right amaount of modern, sexy, comfy & function. Beautiful.

Ok These dining chairs are AMAZING. The perfectly clean chrome lines and simple nontufted cushions- HEAVEN!! I want these babes so bad!!! 

These guys are a total opposite with thier tufts yet they sitll are amazing, the barrel back makes them look so darn comfy! 
How about this pair of floating scoop slipper chairs . Ok These will fit in ANY space I mean any! Moder, Classic, Traditional, Bedroom, Living Room, Office even commercial space. They are Stunning! 

I guess you can tell I love Milo Baughman designs, I sure do. I love to incorporate his pieces in my designs and think they compliment each space so beautifully.

images via 1stdibs