Interior Design inspirations- How to look for inspiration for your home

My inspirations come from all sorts of places- nature is one of them. When creating an interior of a home, it is easy to go and look at designs of other homes, yet it's ideal to really look within and seek out what makes you happy and what brings out great deal of sought out emotion.

To create a design you truly love and one that speaks to you, take time to reflect and immerse yourself with your surroundings, cultures, nature, fashion etc. You will come up with  many elements that at that moment might not make sense (as how they could translate in to a room) yet they are the best start to discover your true passions . If you have troubles with this, an interior designer should help you with this process and later will translate that vision into a beautiful space that truly embodies You.

Here is an image that I took while we were walking our dogs during the weekend. The beauty of perfectly yellow and orange leaves with a hint of soft green, against the dark bark of the tree is magnificent. The branches of the tree create an amazing veining in the background of perfectly golden sunny leaves. The tones and contrasts are just exquisite and perfect. The backdrop of solid light blue sky is a beautiful contrast that makes everything cheerful and soft.

 Perhaps this effect could be created with black iron elements in a room and  gold/yellow silk throw pillows and light blue walls and lighter linen drapes. The soft texture leaf pattern could be captured in a rug and the light green might be a soft velvet fabric of a sofa  upholstery and a chairs. The oranges/golds could be used in shiny gold frames and accessories and glass for table top to reflect the sun and light to create that glowwing sparkly effect.
The possibilities of this type of inspiration are endless,- that is the beauty of truly digging deep in to what captures your attention and evokes that perfect feeling.

Take photos, save pages from magazines of your perfect outfit, perfectly styled dish or even a landscape- all of these elements ( if they truly amaze you and make you feel an amazing feeling) are worth capturing somewhere in your home.
Go ahead, seek out your inspirations and you are on your way to create your perfect home...

Photo by Edyta Czajkowska