Chicago Interior Designer

I am an interior designer and an owner of an Interior Design company (EDYTA&CO. INTERIOR DESIGN) which serves Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Our mission is not limited to making beautiful residential and boutique commercial interiors. What we really do is- create custom solutions for every lifestyle so that you can live and enjoy your life in a happy, comfortable and functional environment.

Your life should be lived  and enjoyed in the comfort of your home. Our surroundings play a very important role in how we feel & how we behave. In order to help a client feel their best in their surroundings, we focus on creating supporting interior landscapes customized on each client's lifestyles and needs.

Wheather you want your home to bring relaxation and solitude or perhaps you want a modern luxe space that engages energy, or maybe creating a beautiful yet safe home for your kids is your goal- I can help! We will design a unique custom solution for your needs & desires, we will create Your interior landscape where you will feel your best.

If you are interested in creating a custom interior for your lifestyle that you absolutely love, contact me regarding our interior design services.

We are also accepting inquiries from clients outside of Chicago area via Online Design. This service is designed for clients outside of the Chicago area, clients that are not looking for a full interior design service yet rather an expert design plan that they can takle on their own. Please inquire about Online design here.