Ralph Lauren, A perfect image of traditional luxury

When I came across the new add campaign for Ralph Lauren Home I stopped for a moment and had to take in the beautiful feeling that it evoked in me.  Good design when successfully implemented, should evoke emotion and create a certain atmosphere. Of course every person has their own idea of perfect setting and the way that they would like to feel, therefore each design should be tailored to that client.

In this particular add, Ralph Lauren embodies everything that I believe it's brand is and should be in a romantic way. The timeless appeal, elegance, tradition, great craftsmanship, luxury, history, opulence and of course the equestrian lifestyle.
Not to mention that the color palette is definitely following the forcasted tones for this year in addition to other elements (I will touch on that in another post).

Take a look at all the amazing details, layers, textures, muted landscape and the beautiful girl that seems to be part of t his lifestyle.
It is fantastic to be able to completely immerse yourself with what you love, cherish and what speaks to you after all this is your home, your sanctuary.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!