Our Interior Design Process

One of the questions that I get asked alot is how we go about designing a room/ a space/ a home - what is our design process?. Clearly this is something we discuss with our clients yet it is also something that potential clients might not be clear about or assume based on their previous experience.
Our process is very organized and it benefits and leads us to best project results.
I have elaborated on each step to help you understand it in more detail. I'd love to know if you have any questions.
Here it goes:

EDYTA&CO.'s Interior Design Process

Once the client has contacted us and we determined that we might be the right fit -we decide to meet in person.
Once we have met, discussed how we work and what the client is looking for, the client sets a budget, we then both agree and sign off etc. we begin the design process by asking tons of question. Some of the questions include - how do you entertain, what mood you want your space to feel, do you have dogs, how do you eat your breakfast, what is your daily routine, what are your needs, what colors speak to you.. and so on. This is very important since it makes everything easier down the road with better results. Some of the small details are very important- since it will help us create a space that you truly enjoy and feel your best in given that we could support your needs (on an emotional level, comfort level as well as functional level).

After gathering information we take lots of photos and  measurements in order to create a floor plan and elevations. We proceed to pull inspirational images and things we collected from the client along with our notes to help us lead along the process to create a great plan & design from beginning to an end
We then create Existing, Demolition and New Construction drawings using AutoCAD to create an optimal floor plan design.

After the floor plan we start creating a conducive furniture plan by drawing & placing properly scaled furniture pieces in different arrangements- again going by what we discussed your needs and wants are. Based on the information we gathered from the clients and their family we make sure to meet all needs while making a space plan that is beautiful, comfortable, balanced, harmonious & functional.
We then focus on preliminary layers such as rugs, mirrors, art, and lighting placement.

(In this project we worked on a grouping of three rooms the Living Room was one of them. The focal point of the room was the fireplace)

Based on our client discussion we then create a colorway for each space starting with floor finish, cabinetry, tile, stone finish, textiles and soft goods (sofa upholstery, accent pillow upholstery trim & piping, lamp shade finish, rug finish, chair upholstery & piping detail, ottoman upholstery, drapes fabric and trim etc.)
Then we start sourcing and selecting furniture pieces that fit within the budget that was set at the beginning of the project.
 No detail goes unnoticed, each piece whether custom or semi custom is specifically chosen for the clients design, while specifying every right detail that fits the clients needs and desires- Examples in a sofa: (Sofa frame, filling of the sofa cushions, types of cushions- loose back or tight back, fabric type according to the feeling we are after and lifestyle, how the fabric is applied to the sofa in construction, as well as any other detail such as a cord, fringe or finish that needs to be chosen). Every one of the details for each piece such as fabric, trim and finish is carefully selected based on the durability needs for the client in order to compliment the overall look and feeling of the design.
As we choose all upholstery pieces we also specify paint, rugs, tables, wall coverings, light pendants, chandeliers, mirrors, art, table lamps, hardware etc.along with all the finishes, details and customized options that go with each piece.
It's a very in depth process and each and every piece needs to have a meaning and a purpose in order for the space to work.
Although it takes time and lots of creative processes, it ends up being an amazing result which is a beautifully tailored design.

(Visual compilation of some of the pieces used in one of our living room design projects)

Once everything is selected specified and priced, it is organized into a presentation and book format for the client to see it in pieces- similar to the way we specify it and order it.
The book includes, floor plans, elevations, furniture, rugs, pillows, art and accessories etc.
Prices are also listed for every piece.

We then call our clients to set a design presentation date and time where we present the overall design which is presented in it's entirety (we often break up projects into several phases a room at a time or a group of rooms) The presentation includes floor plans, elevations, renderings,  furniture photos along with fabric, trim & finish samples. We present and discuss every piece.
As the client also receives the binder they are welcome to answer any questions at the end of the presentation, we then discuss any tweaks that might take place before proceeding with the procurement contract phase.

Once the design is signed off on we contract into a  procurement phase where we draft up purchase orders, follow up and schedule everything that is needed to create and deliver the stunning new design.
As the project takes place we visit the site and check on the progress, we coordinate all the ordering pieces & continually check, follow up on every order.

Once everything is ready to be installed we set an installation date in order to install the room at it's entirety.
The installation process could take anywhere from one to few days.

The big reveal day!! This is when the client sees the end result and gets to enjoy the new beautifully designed space.

~So this is our design process in a nutshel :)  of course there are so many details and steps that go into everything- yet this outlines it well. I'd love to hear if you have any questions. My Best! ~Edyta