Railroaded fabric

I just love a beautiful stripe! A great striped fabric could be so perfectly masculine, modern, tailored yet relaxed all at the same time- Just perfect! Wheneer I come across a fabulous stripe and think of applying it to a fabulous piece of furniture, my mind automatically rings "Railroading"!

Ever since my design school days I remember the "railroaded fabric" topic. It's quite important topic when dealing with purchasing and applying your stripe fabric/upholsery correctly to the piece of furniture or window treatment to get the intended pattern effect.
What does this railroading mean you ask. Railroading has to do with how a pattern is applied to a fabric or how the fabric material is applied to a piece of furniture or window treatment. 
Let's take my fabulous stripe for example- a stripe could normally be applied going down the bolt of the fabric as opposed across it's width. You can then choose to have it be applied to the piece of furniture railroaded for the stripe to be applied as shown in the picture below.
In another situation you  might want the stripe to go up and down the cushion as well as the sofa back and not want a welt or a seam in the middle. Since the fabric bolt is usually 56-60" - in this is a situation you would want to have your fabric pattern be railroaded at the mill to accomodate the length and the apropriate appearance desired (reference the second sofa picture).

Also keep in mind if you happend to have a multicolored stripe and want it all to line up perfectly on every cussion and arm- well that in fact will result in needing much more fabric. So not only does this process require some thinking in addition- more fabric, more time and definitely some precision from the upholsterer upholstering which all results in more cost. Yet at the end, the look is just so fabulous!!

Do you like a great stripe? Have you ever had to have your designer railroad a fabric for your piece or perhaps did you do it yourself?

by plinth and shintz

Los Angeles Times 

what a fabulous image by sofa.com ! The scenery the DOG of course! and yes the comfy looking modern sofa relaxed stripe

Beautiful yummy thick chocoalate/cream striped sofa by Phillip Gorrivan

Chicago Gold Coast

For the last seven years since I started working in the interior design field, I had the opportunity to work on many amazing projects through out Chicago. Most of these residential projects were located in the Gold Coast area high rises and town homes which comprised of many prestigious and architecturally significant buildings. "Gold Coast is one of the most treasured residential area with stately homes and quiet tree lined streets and connections to the city's past". It's wonderful how currently each building differs from the other from being very traditional and ornate to uber modern and sleek design high-rise- which later joined the landscape.
 Recently I completed two apartments in a very new high rise building  not too far from the gold coast, yet currently I am starting modern co-op in one of the very esteemed historical modern beauties in the gold coast again - which is what got me to write this post.
I love the Gold Coast for its fabulous energy, beautiful quiet tree lined streets, great restaurants, fantastic shopping, amazing spas, leisure access to Lake Shore Drive, the convenient distance to the park, zoo, the beeches at lake Michigan, theaters Oh and so much more.

Gold Coast, Chicago Map

Gold Coast originally was made up of mostly townhomes and later high rises were build and now they play together beautifully in the city landscape.

The Chicago Gold Coast Mansion

Beautiful 65 Goethe by Lucien Lagrange Architects

Chicago Gold Coast Beaches photo via NabeWise

File:Oak Street Beach in Chicago.jpg

Morning Coffee

As I drank my coffee this morning I thought about how I enjoy this ritual of mine. I love to wake up and put on some pleasant music or perhaps TV with a enjoyable program to hear in the background, as I start my day. Then I make my cup of coffee and breakfast and slowly “wake up” as I flip through design magazines. Once I get my sleep and start my day on this pleasant note I am ready to rock and roll. There is something about making a morning fun and positive energy that not only puts me in a good spirit but helps me embark upon all that the day brings my way.

Sooo back to that coffee… how do you get your perfect cup of Joe? There are so many fantastic coffee machines and coffee systems that can whip up even your custom latte creation on a moment’s notice.

My favorite is still the Miele Coffee System. Not only is it fabulous and makes a fantastic coffee drink, it’s also just as beautiful on the eyes and fits in perfectly in modern interiors.
There are other brands that carry similar coffee systems that vary in capabilities and styles as well.
I would love to hear how you start your day? How do you create a positive and happy feeling to start of the week with? Do you also like to have your signature morning drink that helps you kick start the day, if so ,,what kind?

And this is how I like my coffee :) (  taken with my phone camera)- Good Morning!

Morning magazines , photo Bromeliad blog (this is sort of how my morning magazine stash looks like :)

Refresh your home with simple tips

I have recently contributed to an article for House & Home magazine online. The title of the article is -Refresh your home with simple tips. Go over to their website to check it out! I added that a great way to quickly update a space for spring is to make pillow covers with punches of colors and pattern also to change out the drapes with the same idea in mind. This is an easy yet a great way to update your room from winter drury to fun, fresh spring feeling.
I am so excited that spring is around the corner so this article not only excites me but energizes my creative juices.
Are you planning on some new projects around the house since Spring is near?

In this photo I created a fresh look through the use of vibrant colors in pillows, rug, art and flowers. In addition the textures and patterns add depth and interest. Soft shades of white and gray soften the look and make it feel relaxed comfortable and serene yet don't take away from a fun and tailored look. Natural fibers such as cottons, linens and wool create a natural feel as well.

House & Home Readers' Top Spring Decorating Ideas
Beautiful vibrant and bright pillows with fresh whites and lovely roses bouquet= fresh, fun and happy- and that is how Spring makes me feel :)

How about these beautiful lime drapes with the midnight blue/turquoise wall and the fresh white and creams by Celerie Kembell. This definitely screams Spring!!

Organized office

I am currently in the middle of sorting a bunch of projects out from personal through business while starting a couple interior design projects- which all involve a great deal of organization.
An office filled with tons of samples,  inspirational images and paperwork is not easily kept during the working process. I would love it to look pristine at all hours of the day, yet that is just not possible at all times- unless I hire 3 extra assistants that would be assigned to continually organize.
As I strategize a few solutions for my office, I wanted to share with you a photo of a workspace that is perfectly tidy and beautifully designed. It speaks to me through beautiful soft color palette, clean lines, peaceful feeling it exudes, beautiful subtle level of detail and of course because of how perfectly organized it is. Beautiful!
How do you keep your workspace organized?

Lindsey Bond's office

Design Bloggers Conference

Last night I came back from a Los Angeles where I attended the Design Bloggers Conference. It was by far one of the best conferences I attended- from amazing atmosphere to rich valuable content, just perfect speakers and so much more. In addition this crowd was definitely one of the best dressed conference crowds. It felt awesome to be surrounded by other creative designers whom are all clearly passionate with design - as I am.
I met many fantastic women and men with which I share so many interests. The conference took place at Sofitel and in addition to the beautiful venue, the food and drinks were delicious and beautifully prepared! I highly recommend staying there while in LA.
Although I met so many wonderful people I didn't meet everyone. I would love to hear from any readers that also attended and whom I didn't get a chance to meet. Send me a note or leave a comment, perhaps I did see you there :)
Have a lovely Friday everyone!