Year 2011- Did you design your plan yet?

Year 2010 zipped by so quickly I don't even know how this happened. Although, as I take a few minutes to think about it and look back, I can gladly say It was a year filled with many journeys. This  year brought with it many fantastic moments, great projects, lessons learned (both in business and in life) which I will take away and apply to my life forever.
I am not big on creating ginormous year resolutions, since I believe we have to make goals that are attainable or break down bigger goals in to small manageable parts, otherwise we will give up before we can see any sufficient results ( sounds like a process for a design project doesn't it). Also we can always plan those kind of small resolutions on daily basis and not wait for the new year to come in order to make changes.
On another note- New Year brings New Begining and I do believe that looking back and examining is a great and valuable thing to do for anyone and because of that- I will be sure to plan small goals, write them on paper, create visual boards in order to help imagine each desire which will be followed by an actual plan of attainment along with it's rewards.

As you may know I love reading and learning about business, health, fitness & psychology (besides design, art, animals, beauty & fashion ,, of course) which is why my strategy is as described above. My plan for success is designed of few steps which resemble in part by strategies designed by many business, psychology and fitness experts.

Inspiration Board via

 I am currently in the process of breaking down some of these goals and here are just few of them:

*Eat vegetarian, organic and whole food diet and be good to my body through exercise and yoga- ultimately this is what fuels my well being which is responsponsible for everything else in my life.
*Live and lead life with Intention (which will involve surrounding myself with positive & genuine people while staying away from negative; being more involved in helping animals; not worrying what other people think of me while being my authentic uncensored self , ,, and so much more)
*Constantly grow and learn through attending trade seminars, events, classes and events, reading books and magazines.
*Seek inspiration through travels, shows, artistic events and productions, people, fashion, nature, cuisine and any element of life.
*Being the best in my design business by providing top notch design service through personal attention, collaboration and amazing resources (from my expertise  and my associates, vendors, artisans, etc) and help each client create a space they feel happy in, a space they love and one that serves their lifestyle.
*Make more time to celebrate all life moments whether through rewards -such as getting a massage or going on a trip, or simply making time for fun friend gatherings.
*Be Bold, Be Confident, Be Fearless!

There is so much more that could be added to my list but this sums it up in the broad spectrum. I think all of us should enter the new year by leading a positive life while counting our blessings. I wish you all a wonderful prosperous new year, good health, filled with love, friends and family, great success and satisfaction.
Yet remember... it all depends on Us, We make it happen,, none of this happens on it's own (Just like a beautifully designed home- It won't design and procure itself ;-)

Cheers! XoXo   ~Edyta

Happy New Year!!

Colorful Christmas and Interior design project

I know the actual Christmas day has passed and many people are already putting away their decorations,, yet the holiday season still remains with me (with the inclusion of fun Christmas cheer and decorations). As I mentioned earlier Christmas Eve is just the beginning of my Christmas celebrations.
I love to see homes decorated for the holidays in so many different ways especially ones that totally play into the interior decor. This particular one really caught my heart because of  the use of it's vibrant & happy tones. Not only are the decoration's hues totally happy and modern but so is the rest of this house. The home is also filled with bolt patterns mixed styles and fabulous art- What's not to love! This project was recently published in Lonny and it is the home of (and designed by) Eileen Kathryn Boyd. I love every bit of the happy!

My Polish Christmas Traditions - Wigilia

As I mentioned in one of my previous entries- today I will be sharing with you my Christmas traditions. My traditions are based on my Polish heritage. I was born in Poland and came to the United States when I was nine years old.  Much of the Polish Christmas traditions are based on Christianity since Catholic religion is a predominant religion in Poland.
In my family Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve. On Christmas eve the family gathers together for  "Wigilia" (the word comes from the Latin language "vigiliare" or "vigil" which means to watch or guard) it is a combination of Christmas supper, singing Christmas carols, exchanging wishes and opening gifts while awaiting the birth of baby Jesus. It is then followed by everyone attending the midnight mass.

For Wigilia we prepare 12 dishes which represent 12 apostles. For this meal we do not eat meat. Our Vigil Supper ensemble this year will include the following dishes: Fish (Salmon and Tilapia), Pierogi (different types Potato and Cheese, Cabbage and mushroom & Blueberry), Red Barszcz ( beat soup which is served with uszka), Uszka (small mushroom pierogi which go into the Red Barszcz soup)- Delicious!, Warm Carrots and Peas, Salatka Jarzynowa (which is a traditional vegetable salad that is served cold), Potatoes, Golabki (Stuffed cabbage with Rice mushrooms and onion) and Dried plum compote. We also include desserts of many kind for after the main courses.

Prior to sitting down to eat, each person shares "Oplatek" (wafer which is blessed with holy water) with everyone-we break off a piece of each others wafer while wishing good wishes to one another for a new beginning. There are also wafers that are designated to give to animals - it is said that on this day a miracle happens at midnight and animals speak a human language :) . I haven't heard my dogs speak just yet (or perhaps they weren't been loud enough.. hehe) but maybe this year I will ;-)
When setting up the table with all the beautiful dishes we also slip in a little hay under the table cloth- it is placed there to symbolize baby Jesus and him being born in a stable.
After wishing each other wishes we say a prayer and sit down to eat.
After this wonderful meal we open gifts while eating desserts and engage in other family activities..

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas in whatever fashion you celebrate it. May your Christmas be filled with warmth, love and peace.
 Love- Edyta


Red Barszcz with muszroom uszka

Oplatek - wafer

 Warszawa- A Christmas tree in the center of the city- Image via this Source

When speaking of Christmas and traditions it makes me think of the town that I grew up in Poland- Tarnow. Take a look here are a few current photos via this Source

Merry Christmas!!

Interior Design Books for Christmas

As you may know, I am a total design book junkie. Not only do I love to collect and read my fabulous design books but I also collect my design magazines which I often refrence from and peek in for inspiration or just pure pleasure. I also love taking my time to read and study each one of the design books which is why sometimes it takes me a while to get through them. In the meantime, I have been wanting to purchase a few more books that I am longing to get my hands on,  yet I keep telling myself that first I have to finish the ones on my nightstand. Well Christmas is coming and I was thinking that maybe I should just give myself a present this Christmas, or perhaps give a few hints to santa. So here are those few books that I am keeping on my book radar. I hear they are all amazing which only makes me want to scoop them all up at once and it doesn't help that most of the covers are also so enticing :)
Tell me, do you own any of these or are you expecting them under your tree this year?


Can't wait to snuggle up and read them all :)

Designers Guild on my Christmas wish list and reminiscing

I love all types of design styles yet I always like my interiors to be tailored streamlined and fresh. I love creating modern environments as much as I love designing classic timeless spaces. Lately I have been going back to my European roots longing for classic & more detail within textiles, furniture lighting as well as accessories. This same approach goes back to masculine and feminine interiors- I love me a very masculine perfectly clean lined no fuss rooms, yet on the other hand I could be just as happy in a over the top room with big floral patterns and bold pinks and sparkly details.  I have heard many people being torn how they should have their homes designed and truth be told you can marry styles and utilize a bit of everything you love. Some things are just fun to change with season or update as our tastes change. It's just like a haircut makeup or fashion sense- we couldn't be wearing what we did when we were 12 all our lives or we would look a bit funny- wouldn't we? :)

Since it is the holiday season and it is the time when we get together with our loved ones share our stories, memories, great food annnd we also exchange gifts. Here I combined a list of some great pieces from fabulous Designer Guild a London fabric house (they now also sell items through their online shop that includes ready made pieces and other accessories) yayy!. The purpose of this resource in this given post is Multiple. It represents my love for design and European pieces and the fact that I have been loving this fabric house since I got out of design school. I remember stopping over at the O&L which represented this fabric and I always loved all the fun girly pinks and other vibrant colors and amazing patterns in their textiles and wallpapers. At that time (since I worked for another designer), I assisted on their projects which were mostly modern and did not include much floral pinks or sparkle,,, so in my mind (to feed the feminine daring designer side) I created beautiful sophisticated yet fabulous spaces with their vibrant colored and bold patterns that I saw touched and aranged every time I stopped over the showroom.

So here you go - here are pieces from their online shop that I would take home right now!

beautiful luxurious snake skin motif rug- yumm suddenly everything looks more luxe!

Such fresh and modern plaid and very sophisticated  

vibrant touch of colors with a bit of great fragrance :)

costa boda in lime green- my pure joy!

This pillow is just wonderful!

A bit of fun in fresh pink- looks so vibrant and refreshing

beautiful color combination

I love white linnen but this would be soo lovely in a guest bedroom- it looks so warm and cozy and so royal at that

beautifuly happy and fresh!

Love love white towels and this motif adds great detail to the simple white

Ok so you know by now how much I love lime green- this is so refreshing!

This bedding says = soothing respite 

mmm fresh white with a great modern touch of tailored black detail

this blue is divine!

beautiful modern yet such versatile blanket


Chairs for Charity Chicago- Event Photos

Remember the Chairs for Charity event which I attended last month. It was great success from auctioning off fabulous redesigned furniture as well as great food and yummy cocktails. Here are a few photos via Chicago Home & Garden Magazine  which were taken by Vofotos.

My two lovely designer friends and me on the right.

The silent chair auction

 This is where I think they were announcing the bidding winners of the chairs :)

One of the chairs

Some yummies

Another repurposed chair (funny since I have this fabric at home rolled up on a bolt, I was going to reupholster something in it at one point). It looks great on this chair fun bold yet relaxed.
I think this was Monica Peterson's piece.

yummy cupcakes

more chairs to be auctioned off

cocktail station

 The program.

Tell me about your events. Do you attend any events in your field, if so what kind and which ones do you love best?