I often get asked what is the best product to use on counters. Countertops are located in different areas such as:  kitchens, wet bars, bathrooms or even an office. 
The type of material to be used on a counter really depends on the way you use the space, what design we are trying to achieve, and what is important to you and your family.
There are number surface materials to choose from: granite, marble, limestone, concrete, soapstone, wood, slate, glass, stainless steel, quartz and many more.
Some are more susceptible to scratches, some materials you have to seal more often because they are more porous.  Some materials such as marble will show wear and tear over time which creates a “patina look” and in some spaces it creates a fantastic and appropriate appeal.  Manufactured materials have a more controlled look where natural stones have more variations some have a great amount of movement.
The truth is there is not appropriate answer; you just have to be truthful to what is important to you and what kind of impact it will have in your space.
glass counter top by kelly hoppen

silestone c-top in dreamhome 2010

wood c-top in a powder-room
zodiaq c-tops



stainless steel


Project Preview

A sneak peak preview of EDYTA&CO.’s current project ( Chicago hi-rise condo ).  The skyline and millennium park view doesn’t hurt either J.

Jennifer Aniston’s New Home

Jennifer Aniston is currently gracing a cover of a magazine not because of some gossip story but because of her handsome new home.  Architectural Digest has a story on Jennifer Aniston’s new home where she was able to bring her desires and ideas to life with the help of design experts and craftsmen.  “Jennifer collaborated with designer Stephen Shadley to transform her 1970 residence by Harold W. Levitt in Beverly Hills into an inviting retreat where she hosts frequent gatherings.” The home took 2.5yrs to come to completion yet every detail seems to be perfectly thought out.
Jennifer’s home has Zen and Balinese appeal with Asian elements. It’s a single level home which seems to perch directly on a view of Los Angeles.
Although the house feels serene( with many wood and natural stone elements as well as koi ponds and seamless indoor outdoor transition) it is very elegant and has a lot of drama.
As you enter the grand 14 foot front door you are graced with a sight of the Murano glass chandelier with a backdrop of a fantastic view on the other side of the house.
Very sleek, elegant, natural and so well put together just like Jennifer herself.

curtesy of

Images- Architectural Digest

Adopted Another Pair of Lamps

After a busy day of shopping for one of my clients, I came across these fabulous lamps that I couldn’t pass up. I am a sucker for unique pieces that can add interest, texture to an area. Lamps in particular are my weakness since they are works of art; they are functional sculptures that can be placed in so many different rooms and nooks. Bedrooms, Living rooms, Dining rooms, Offices, Libraries, Playrooms, Powder rooms and so many other spaces can have a magnificent lamp shining some light and create interest.
 These two lamps are an addition to my lamp library and I was lucky enough to snag a pair so that I can utilize them in my love for symmetry.  Maybe I will find a place for them to shine and pass them on to some lucky client. J