Time for Blogs

I have been extremely busy lately and I need to make sure to take rests in between not to burn out. It seems like so many great things are happening around me and I want to be able to do it all yet I can't. One of the most imporatant things that we are challenged with- is editing. I don't mean just editing a design, and outfit or a paragraph but editing our life. Every day I encounter so many events and choices where  I have to make a decision on. Sometimes it might not be the one that I would like to make ,but it might be the smartest one at that time - or the one that at the moment feels right.
One of my great luxuries is reading design magazines, books and blogs. They not only inspire me, but also  enrich my life with their stories, beautiful images, cultures and other people's lives. They take me to another place, a happy place filled with lots of deep thoughts, passions, strong statements, bold expressions and originality. It is extremely important for me to be creatively fueled, it's part of who I am and part of my drive in life that is why I constantly seek it out.

Today Rue Premiered. I am excited to see another beautiful magazine filled to the rim with inspirational images, stories, products and then some. It's great to see talented and driven Chicago ladies start up such a fantastic online publication! Crystal Gentillelo is Rue's Co-Founder and Editor and Chief,  who also writes a design blog Plush Palate.
My dear and beautiful friend Ashlina (that also writes a stylish interiors inspiring blog The Decorista ) wrote an article for the Rue's premiering issue about Woodson + Roomerfield- such a gareat story with fantastic images. Woodson + Roomerfield portrays a definite luxury through it's brand and amazing designs.
So here I am reading another inspiring online magazine and glancing through some of my favorite blogs to break up my crazy busy day, to get inspired and see what my other blogger friends, designers are up to.
I think I need to get one of these for my office, it is definitely so true on both parts - the blogs and the coffee and of course designed by one of my fave and very beautiful Graphic designers Jen Ramos of MadeByGirl who writes an amazing Design blog about interiors and design.


Woodson + Rummerfield- LA's fab design duo (Ashlina's article)