The beautiful Skull- fashion & interior design. Happy Halloween!

The Halloween season brings lots of scary imagery, spooky movies and plenty of yummy sweets. One of my favorite motifs that is repeatedly depicted around this time is the Skull icon.
The skull and bones is one of my favorite design. It's no surprise that one of my much loved pendants which I wear almost every day is a  skull and bones necklace pendant.

Skull is such a timeless motif, whenever added into any interior design or fashion mix- it always will add a bit of edge and pizazz.
The skull and bones symbol dates back to 1700s, where it was used to mark cemeteries. It later became known for marking poisons and later became a symbol that was widely used in secret societies, sororities and more currently indicated danger.

This feisty symbol could be used throughout the year in fabulous interiors and fashion. In order to make the right kind of statement, it needs to be used properly with the right amounts in order to add a bit of drama yet still look classy.
Take a look at some of these pieces that would do just that.
Happy Halloween everyone!!

 beautiful wallcovering

amazing table lamp

stunning pink and gold shawl

handsome luxurious area rug

excuisite pumps

good looking canvas shopper

yummy throwpillow

striking clutch