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I adore and enjoy beautiful textiles. I love that there are so many magnificent interior design fabrics to choose from, so many talented textile designers and amazing fabric houses. The fact that your drapes, sofa upholstery and accent pillows could be completely unique based on your design desires and lifestyle is so fantastic. You could express your lifestyle through your interior environment and have it tailored to your needs however you choose to. Designing a room or a home around your lifestyle and your aesthetic, while integrating magnificent textiles adds a great detail factor through texture, pattern color in so many ways. Textiles can completely transform a room from simple to very luxurious or from plain to full of energy and interest.

Although I love muted tones, I also enjoy great vibrant hues and fresh bold motifs. They give space energy, fun element of surprise and immediately wake up a room. These textiles can be be very sophisticated  and elegant or witty and relaxed. They will help you create the complete look of the perfectly designed space.
Take a look at few of these yummy goodies that I am currently loving:

Happy Thanksgiving! The Pumpkin Caipirinha recipe

Are you excited for the Thanksgiving dinner?- I know I am! I am looking forward to the beautiful table setting and trying some new recipes while integrating delicious traditional staples.

Here is one recipe that I am looking forward to test. Not only does it look fun and festive but it also looks and sounds delicious. Go ahead try it with me :)

Happy Thanksgiving- Cheers!

The Pumpkin Caipirinha

1-1/2 ounce Leblon Cachaça
1/2 Lime
1/2 Agave Nectar (substitute honey in a pinch)
1-1/2 ounce Pumpkin Puree
1/2 ounce Canton Ginger Liqueur
Cut lime and place in a shaker with agave nectar and muddle. Add crushed ice, Leblon Cachaça, pumpkin puree and Canton in the shaker. Shake well and garnish with nutmeg, pumpkin flesh twist and lime wheel.

I found this recipe on a great site that also has tons of other delicious drinks on there- The Intoxicologist Is In

Chicago high-rise apartment- interior design by EDYTA & CO. , sneak peek

We are in the final phases on one of my wonderful clients Chicago high-rise apartment. There were many existing pieces in this design yet the overall major impact was brought in through colors, patterns, drapes, paint, pillows, space planning etc. The goal was to pull the small space together, make it feel elegant, relaxing and sophisticated while integrating the modern elements of the building. Here is a sneak peek of how it's coming together.

Edyta Czajkowska featured on Swank Lighting Blog

Hi everyone, hope you had a great weekend! It went by so fast and I can't believe that Thanksgiving is already this week (Yum). Needless to say that I have been eating like it's thanksgiving every day for the past week or ten, so it's not like it will be too much of a stretch for me (besides eating delicious turkey, and all the other goodies while enjoying the company of my family).
It started to rain quite a bit here in Chicago today, the temperature keeps changing and you definitely should be equipped with an umbrella or two to not get completely soaked. I don't mind the rain if I don't have to transport anything or commute, yet sometimes it's impossible to plan your life around the weather and I have to deal with the fact that my hair will look like a giant cotton ball.
On another note it was nice to discover a fantastic feature of me and some of my work on a fabulous blog over at Swank Lighting.
For those that don't know Swank Lighting carries some of the most amazing murano, glass, ceramic and other lamps that are all oh so fantastic! And in addition I hear that the owners have a precious pitbull mix pupp- on which note, they gain 100 extra points in my book. :)
Take a look at the feature post Here , Thanks

Milky glass object display

I love beautiful unique object that add interest and drama to a room. Personal touches, whether they are artistic displays or collection arrangements add bit of personality to a home. In my home I like to rotate decorative items. Some I will put away for a while, and in it's place I like to display another much more appropriate pieces that are either fit the season or how I am feeling at the moment. On the other hand some items I like to purchase or display simply because they speak to me and I want to enjoy their beauty.
Here are some amazing pieces that I am lusting over to display in my home.
I took this photo while in New York and still have to find out who this artist is. These beautiful glass globes are so soft and so amazing. They add sparkle, delicate appeal and make me want to dream. They would look fabulous in the center of a large dining room table or on a console. I on the other hand, would love to put them in the bedroom on a dresser- so that every day when I wake up I look at these beauties. Oh so gorgeous!

What do you like to display?

Kitchen and Bath, Residential and Commercial Interiors, Career Path

I have been asked many times how I started my Interior Design career, so here it goes:

 When still in design school I did my internship at a Kitchen and Bath design firm which I continued working at while in school and after graduating from college. Later I took on another position at a high end residential design firm, where I was involved with whole house designs from space planning, drafting to specifying fabrics, furniture, fixtures,  paint, meeting with clients following up on orders, installation and everything that a design project consists of. I worked for increadebly talented and creative interior design experts. I learned a ton from each place I worked at, and loved utilizing my skills that I learned in school while learning the business.
I love interior design and what you could bring to the table with your skills is amazing. It was also very important to me to follow my passions and experiancing different areas of design was a must in order to find which area was suitable for me and the one i loved. This was important so that I can be truely happy with what I do and through it, I could provide an amazing design service for my clients with joy and passion. You know those people that you meet and they are not only experts at what they do but they exhude passion, knowledge  and breathe their craft- yeah that is what I was striving for and now I am.

While in school, I loved residential design, yet I thought that I would end up in commercial design area since I enjoyed large projects and how you could create a concept and inspirations and run with it on a large scale. In addition I was very good with AutoCAD and other programs as well as codes and specs. Maybe the fact that I started my studies in Interior Architecture had a lot to do with that. :)

After previously listed positions, my design career later went through various stages where I worked in the  retail design/ store planning area and later at a Luxury Residential design firm where I managed and designed and oversaw luxury residential designs in Chicago gold coast area. I also ended up teaching at a design college  and worked for some amazing corporate commercial and  interior architectural firms on  international and award winning projects.

I have definitely learned so much from each and every experiance and every one of them not only helped me grow as a designer, manager but as a person. Most importantly every experiance helped me with learning what I love the most and where I wanted to focus my my life and career.

So here I am now at my own design studio- EDYTA&CO. Interior Design focusing on high end residential projects. I am always growing and learning just like every other person on the planet (I don't see how you could ever stop wanting to seek the wealth of knowledge) and loving every minute of it. I seek inspirations, read and ask as many questions as I can. I also love to share my knowledge since there were times when I wish someone would share that with me when I was at a point when it was new to me. I have worked on many amazing projects thoroughout  the years, where I designed fantastic commercial and residential spaces, I added to someones piece of comfort, health, happiness and joy and still do that- now that is rewarding ! :)
Currently I am working on few projects residential and large commercial.
 My residential projects lately have been mostly redesigns not involving kitchens and bathrooms which I miss. Although I love color , furniture, fixtures and textiles, patterns and all the intricacies and coordination that  that come with it, I really do. Yet I also love creating such distinct and important parts of the house where there are so many possibilities to not only create the heart of the home (kitchen) and an oasis (master bath) but you can add value to the home, create a timeless fabulous area that so many can enjoy while entertaining or relaxing.
Because of that, I am suddenly remembering my previous jobs where I honed my skills on  state of the art stone and tile, plumbing fixtures , beautiful cabinetry and all the technical parts that come with it,, yet the end result is priceless.

So here it is in a nutshell. Tomorrow I am giving an interview for an article about interior design business and this definitely helped me recap some of my before steps. :)
 How about you, how did you start your career or are you still searching for your perfect niche?

One of my past kitchen designs, white inset cabinetry, butcher block and yummy subway tile in a beautiful pre war Chicago high rise apartment

Fashion pieces I want!

Fashion is where I draw much of my inspirations for interiors. I enjoy wearing what speaks to me and pieces that are not only beautiful but unique and express who I am.
Here are some great pieces from Planet Blue that I want to wear now!

Chocolate Brown sofa Brown interiors Brown accents

Brown is a fabulous color. It is timeless and can be so classy, warm and modern all at the same time.
Although brown is used in many ways throughout interiors and fashion wold, I believe it will be very prevalent color for the year 2011.
Brown looks amazing against cooler tones and warmer tones. It plays well with pinks, golds, blues in large and small amounts.
It is often used for it's masculinity and forgiveness of dirty dog paws and spilled juices.

I have browns integrated in my own home for all of the listed above reasons. When I decide to change my interior a bit, many ideas come to mind since brown could be so versatile. There are so many possibilities and that's the beauty of it. Brown lends itself in so many different styles and applications. Here are some photos that I love, which I have had in my files. Each one of these rooms integrates brown in a different way- some with accent touches some in masses, warm and cool -yet each one of the rooms is perfectly divine.

How do you feel about brown?

Real Housewive of DC closet

Martha's home

Beautiful Paintings by Teo Altenberg

Painting is one of my favorite ways to really take the time to step away from everything and let the creative juices flow. It takes time and talent to create an amazing piece and many times the end result seems so effortless. I strongly value great artists, I know how much dedication, discipline and practice it takes to create a piece of art or an art collection.

When choosing art for my home, I go by what makes me happy, I surround myself with pieces that evoke a sense of piece, good feeling and bliss. I love vibrant paintings and currently one artist caught my eye, and his beautiful paintings evoke just that. Theo Altenberg not only creates amazing modern pieces of work but the color combination and the paint distribution speak to me so vividly, I would love to scoop all of these pieces up! Just Gorgeous!

Enjoy !


Thank you for featuring us on your fabulous blog Jen!!


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Chicago Interior Design charity event

Last night I attended a great charity event called "Chairs for Charity" here in Chicago. It was hosted by Chicago Home Magazine and took place at The Tile Gallery (great place for beautiful stone tile and then some).
The idea behind the event was to auction off fantastically re purposed and redesigned chairs by some of the most prominent local designers.
The atmosphere was fantastic, the food was great, drinks were delicious and it was fun to run into familiar faces and reconnect. Most of all it was for all for a great cause and charity - Designs 4 Dignity

Hermes Birkin- the perfect luxury!

I am always on a lookout for a classy spacious bag that you can take to a client meeting while being able to carry measuing tape, phone, notepad, calendar and all my other essentials and look fantastic. Sure you can easily get any bag but why if you could look fabulous & timeless with this perfectly structured accessory while still be super sheek and efficient.
This Hermes Berkin is the perfect one! Not only does it fit every criteria, it is one of the most classic pieces with fantastic elegant design.
Perfection! You can find it here , oh and did I mention that because it's pre-owned you can get it at a 22% discount :)

To find this and other luxurious pre- owned pieces go to - it's fantastic!