Let's make summer last longer

I love summer! The sunshine and all the great activities that come with it make summer one of the best seasons here in Chicago. As the September aproaches I can't help but to think about it ending soon and  want to make the best of the warm days that we have left.

To make the warm season last much longer, I just might get one of these great photographs. They sure will make me think of the sunny days at the beach and take me away at a moments notice.
Massimo Vitali is an amazing Italian photographer who captures increadible shots of the leisure pursuits. His fantastic photos of italian beaches draw me in and make my eyes wonder. Such detail, energy, sense of relaxation, sunshine and happiness- all in one shot. That's exactly what I need!

Great week- started off with a perfect cup of coffee

Happy Monday eveyrone!
We all have a great week ahead of us. Why not start the week with a positive attitude and a yummy cup of coffee with an elegant touch. One thing that puts a smile on my face is a great morning start with music playing in the background, delicious breakfast and a great cup of coffee or tea.
What's even better is when the coffee is drank out of a porcelain cup and the cream and sugar is poured from amazingly beautiful containers.
Don't ever deny yourself a little luxury, it's the small details that make life worthwile.
Have a wonderful week!

Missoni Margherita bone china Missoni Home

Weekend flowers, planters, garden ideas

I made some flower arrangements today, a bouquet of fresh flowers always makes me happy and enlivens our house. A green leaf  in a vase is all you need to bing in a fresh touch to a space. In my case- I just cut some green and white Hydrangea blossoms and put them in a vase. Suddenly my space came alive (isn't it great how that happens). As I was in the garden, I started thinking of some new ideas for our outdoor space- some might not come to fruition till next year, yet parts of the project could be started this year.
So, I started to look at some planters and other garden items . Here are some that cought my eye.
They can all be found at Sprout Home in Chicago and New York (or online).

Tell me about your garden.

Fashion, inspiration, new style

Before a new home fabric collection, new furniture line, new home decor pieces- first come the runway fashion shows, lines and trends. The fashion trends inspire and transform the interior design industry from many angles, through color, texture, form and so much more.
I love fashion and the voice that you get with it. Through fashion you can express yourself in so many ways, so very vividly without saying a word.

I am in the process of revamping part of my wardrobe and giving it a fall season boost.
My style has always a bit of polish, elegance, luxury, boldness and clean lines. I think if you are looking for a sophisticated and sexy look (weather it is in fashion or interiors)- you can't go wrong by following those guidelines.

Given photos portay just that- beautiful sexy and sophisticated elegance with a bit of edge. I will be sure to add this to my lookbook this fall season- Luxe Ladylike Fashion.

These photos were part of a beautiful photo shoot for Real Simple magazine created by very talented artists. Photographed by  Melvin Sokolsky and the Fashion Editor-Victoria Sanchez- Lincoln

Thom Filicia's fabric collection

I am loving the new Thom Filicia's fabric collection for Kravet. It's fresh, casual with modern patterns in yummy colorways. The gray and yellow/green white palette is fantastic.
I love Thom's design aesthetic, his elegant interiors incorporate clean lines beautiful calm backgrounds with beautiful pops of color. It's fun to see someone's design style showcased in a product and in this case textiles.
I am already cooking up some design schemes, as to where I could incoroporate some of these fun patterns.



My paint sources

I must say I have a great eye for color and I really enjoy utilizing that talent. When choosing a paint color, you have to take into account the amount of natural light in the space, other sources of light with the type of lamping as well as the materials and finishes which will be located in the given within the room.

Paint has come a long way with color slection, quality and it's finishes. Changing the paint color of your walls is definitely one of the quickest ways to give a room some major impact at a low cost.
As I select paint for my clients, I look through different paint lines and decided to share with you some of my favorite.

It is important to choose good quality paint not only for it's amazing color saturation, yet also for it's finishes, specific tones and low offgassing options.
High quality paint will take less coats to show it's end color result and will really do it's magic in so many other ways.

My favorite paint lines are as follows:
Benjamin Moore, Pratt & Lambert, Farrow and Ball, Sherwin-Williams.
Not only do these paint companies offer exquisite colors, they also provide many fantastic tools and information on specifying your paint for the right project.

Take a look at this stunning foyer where with the addition to the dark brown walls Ned Marshall was able to create a dramatic effect.
Beautiful Foyer painted in Benjamin Moore Bittersweet Chocolate

In another foyer Jonathan Berger used Benjamin Moore Razzle Dazzle 1348 for a splash of hot pink.
So beautiful and Striking!

images by House Beautiful