Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba

American tolerance swimmer Diana Nyad set out her minute drive in as many months to traverse the 103 miles of aquatic between Cuba and Florida, waving so long to well-wishers earlier bouncing feet primarily into the in addition hose down at a Havana marina, after that stroking toward the horizon.
The 62-year-old Los Angeles female hoped to ease her own planet journal for open-water swimming without a shark cage


Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba

 diana nyad swim

Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba

 diana nyad swim

Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba

 diana nyad swim

Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba

patience athlete Diana Nyad was planning Friday for her minute war this every year to swim from Cuba to Florida and approved a planet chronicle at episode 62, a month subsequent to a incapacitating asthma battle encouraged her from the hose gasping for breath.
Nyad advised reporters she may assign the sunlight hours briefing plus her assist players, carbo-loading and loosening up ahead situation out from Havana’s Hemingway Marina in the evening. She hoped to carry reward of no matter what she cell phoned a “magical window” of settle seas and lucky weather conditions guess to final by means of the weekend.
The Los Angeles lady referred to very last month that there could be no repeat subsequent to her Aug. 7 struggle did 29 hours and about 50 miles (80 kilometers) into the 103-mile (166-kilometer) trip.
“Don’t snoop on to athletes when they say it’s above,” she enlightened a information conference at the marina Friday. Nyad identical herself to previous boxer Roberto Duran, who retired in 1998 at the epoch of 47 only to re-enter the ring a each year afterward.
Nyad denied that her pains most recent age had whatever to do as well as her occasion, expression she might have fought by the use of the variable waves and “excruciating” shoulder apprehension. nonetheless she hadn’t guessed the 11-hour asthma wrestle that was aggravated by a dose she had certainly not second hand in advance and had her flailing by means of the wet “like a dying, floundering fish.”

Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba


Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba

diana nyad swim

Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba

Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba

diana nyad swim

Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba

diana nyad swim

Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba

For on top of a once a year, Dr. Sanjay Gupta has been succeeding 62 each year hand-me-down patience swimmer Diana Nyad's vacation to grow to be the primarily individual to swim between Cuba and Florida without a shark cage.

To yet fight this fantasize, Diana had to strap visas from both Cuba and the US, purchase boats, drivers, protection divers, meteorologists, shark experts and a navigator to aid her as she's swimming.

notwithstanding Nyad indirectly was not capable to finish her voyage, her narrative is naught shortest of wonderful.

Dr. Gupta discusses Nyad's defy on American daybreak in this day and age, explaining no matter what closely caused her to prevent her swim.

To discuss with the relief of Diana's yarn, and on no account earlier recognized movie of the phase Diana concluded to pay for out of the wet, tune into CNN on Saturday nighttime at 8pm.

Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba


Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba


Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba


Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba


Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba


Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba

Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba


Diana Nyad | diana nyad swim | diana nyad swim to cuba

American patience swimmer Diana Nyad commenced her spilt drive in as many months to traverse the 103 miles of aquatic between Cuba and Florida, waving ciao to well-wishers prior to reverberating feet initially into the additionally hose at a Havana marina, at the moment stroking toward the horizon.
The 62-year-old Los Angeles female hoped to respite her own globe diary for open-water swimming without a shark cage that she prescribed in 1979 when she laid a hand from the Bahamas to Florida.

Her end fight at the Cuba-to-Florida crossing failed Aug. 9 liable to a weakening asthma defy that motivated her gasping from the wet following 29 hours.

Nyad to product 2nd Havana-Fla. swim attempt
Video: Nyad ends swim from Cuba to Fla. succeeding 29 hours
Diana Nyad's marathon swim: muse for aging athletes?

Nyad insisted that this age regarding she was prepared to fearless the jerky seas, schools of jellyfish and deadlines of gentleman tiredness to pull off her lifelong fantasize.

As shade weakened, about an hour and a half into the swim, Nyad's squad sent a Twitter experience that she was "surging robust."

A subsequently example relayed information of a primarily, stinging delay.

"Diana has been stung by whatsoever we accept as true that is a moon jelly. She is aiming to marked herself of tentacles and resume the swim," it examined.

basically in advance she agreed upon off from Hemingway Marina on Friday evening, assistants smeared grease on her shoulders to hamper chafing all over the intended 60-hour trip. She pumped her fists in the air as her assist squad blew horns and cheered from anticipating boats.

"I consider accepted. I sense especially suitable," Nyad observed. "excluding as you recognize, it essentially doesn't focus how I think by the book at this time."

She identified personality a young more subdued than the end period she left from this unchanged marina.

"Not that I was still conceited, however motivating been by means of this at present and been so deeply, psychologically dissatisfied, I don't solicit to hold no matter what for accepted," Nyad spoken.

"It's not that I don't desire to like every era and be grateful for it, although it doesn't do any correct to demeanor love, 'Hey I've bought this in the bag, this is running to be painless."'

prior to leaping in, Nyad weighed herself, tipping the weighing balance at 146 pounds. She named she anticipated to lose about 15 pounds more than the road of the tour. Her calendar telephoned for to reach Florida beforehand Monday first light.

She hoped to keep vantage of anything she telephoned a "delightful transom" of settle seas and favored climate calculation to very last by means of the weekend.

very last month following her prior to struggle failed, Nyad had vowed there can be no repeat, nonetheless she joked in advance Friday that no one should have invented her.

"Don't snoop on to athletes when they say it's more than," she mentioned.

Nyad identical herself to previous boxer Roberto Duran, who retired in 1998 at time 47 only to re-enter the ring a per annum subsequently.

Nyad denied her headaches in the very last struggle had whatever to do and her time, slogan she may have fought using the shifting waves and "hurting" shoulder ache. nonetheless she hadn't expected the 11-hour asthma combat that she blamed on a comment to a drug she had on no account old ahead. She brought up the asthma had her flailing by way of the hose "such as a dying, floundering fish."

however along furthermore those headaches, she produced it about 50 miles (80 kilometers) into the 103-mile (166-kilometer) haul.

In the consecutive weeks she decided that the aborted battle was not so a great deal of a disaster as a outfit trial, an unintended on the other hand indivisible share of a practice schedule that included a bouquet of lighter swims.

"The asthma conveyed me behind, excluding paradoxically plenty, that 29-hour swim was similar to a precisely, exceedingly costly maneuvers swim," observed Nyad, who ahead this once a year extrapolated it chattered a half-million dollars to pay for her to the foremost effort.

"I'm in enhanced involve than in advance. I'm more all set than constantly," she excess.

Without a cage for analysis, Nyad is relying on particular fittings that surrounds her in addition to an electrical fresh imperceptible to humans other than hard plenty to carry numerous sharks at bay. Kayakers likewise are paddling alongside to slightly prod elsewhere any that type it by the use of.

For the property of the crossing, Nyad will not be permitted to congregate the boat if the documentation is to count. Nor may well her squad physically help her assorted than to blow over her cuisine, treatment, a contemporary swimsuit and so on.

She will attempt to continue her vigor by consuming the likes of peanut butter sandwiches and pasta, and named she sings Beatles, Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin crooning in her reasoning faculty to carry her announcement tied up, specifically all over midnight.

"I under no circumstances constantly — it's the deep-seated rule — I in no way peep up because it's vastly vexatious to ask the horizon as well as no lights, no naught. And I under no circumstances ask my trainer here in the boat whatever epoch it is or, 'Are we regarding there yet? "' Nyad referred to. "They're running to confirm to me when we're about 10 hours somewhere else."

Nyad foremost verified to cross the Florida Straits as a 28-year-old back in 1978, when she swam in a steel shark cage for about 42 hours ahead calling it quits the war.

at the present 62, behind celebrating her bicentennial Aug. 22, she has noted she hopes to kindle employees to steer lively lives into their sympathetic days. She likewise has cell phoned the swim symbolic for rising evaluating between the collectively States and Cuba, two geographical regions shredded by five time of animosity and mistrust.

Marina commodore Jose Miguel Diaz Escrich, whom Nyad distinguished as a relished mate and who assisted as well as logistics in Cuba, exhibited her and an honorary membership in the nautical union prior to Friday and rang the swim a "bridge of friendship" between the geographical regions.

"He who strives has prior to now succeeded," Escrich stated in encouragement, quoting Cuban poet and independence hero Jose Marti.

Nyad's lineup had hoped to drive the swim in 2010, excluding was powerless to brand planning in period. This per annum Cuban officials were highly supportive in arranging logistics and statistics media insurance.

"We're set for the whole thing that may perhaps come our course this segment," Nyad cited, "and I basically can't believe any calling it off different than the calling it quits that I bid, which is to purchase all the route across."

Room Design to Fashion Design and the other way around

For those that followed the NYC fashion week , you can probably agree with me that there was plenty Chartreuse - which I LOVE. I can wear that color, design with it and paint with it and even my business cards had Chartreuse in it (which I might still use in my collateral) :). It's such a fabulous fresh and happy color. I am so happy to see it since I will be buying most of it :) . The talented Christian Siriano and Jason Wu had plenty of it in their collections and I LOVED every bit of it. These few outfits in Christian Sirianos collection reminded me of one of my beloved makeover rooms that was featured a while back in House Beautiful by the also super talented Amanda Nisbet. She used one of my favorite ikat fabrics (that has beige/gray & chartreuse in it) on the bed headboards and transformed the whole room from blah to airy, fresh, happy, fun yet calm room. These outfits also portray a similar aesthetic- fun, airy fresh and sassy, I'm loving all these amazing pieces, the colors and you should go check out the rest of the collection it's Fantastic!

so sophisticated yet so fresh!

Loving the relaxed feel and the color just adds that amazing fun drama

This outfit is so fantastic! so simple yet soo chic!

mm I just love the feeling of this bed, the headboard is fantastic, the lamps are dreamy and the freshness of all the white just makes me want to jump in and go right to sleep- Lovely!

So beautiful and natural, the lanterns add such great vibe and that fantastic desk and the art are the perfect compliment to the rest of the room. All those Charteruse details ad such fun element, don't they!

Organized home

I Must reorganize my office (it's exploding with samples and design literature) and dressing room (the poor "clothes chair" needs to breathe), and perhaps redesigning our laundry room would be fantastic.
Organized spaces feel so relaxing and good. There is something about the order that allows you to focus on everything without that anxious feeling. I work so much better in an organized environment yet the funny thing is that interior design can be and look like a big mess at times. During the design development process, there are millions of fabrics finishes and products being pulled, tons of options are laid out plans are created and tweaked and tweaked again- and later the "beautiful mess" is than converted into a beautiful organized design. Then comes the construction where everything looks pretty messy yet at the end it becomes a fantastic sleek room that you can walk into and enjoy every detail.
Every design project as any organization project needs a good thought out plan which is explored and developed. It will also take some time to get a great result. If you cut corners and try to skip steps or not want to focus on creating the right foundations- your result will be short lived or it will simply not be the quality result you wanted.
We are all guilty of being messy and not wanting to wait or invest to getting the right results. I am all about quick gratification but yet I understand first hand that what you get Out is what you put In.

Now let's look at these beautiful organization masterpieces :)
Very well planned out closet with proper sections designated for everything from shoes to undergarments, jewelry, sweaters, blouses etc.. Things are concealed and organized properly. The built in dressing room is so peaceful and so beautifully clean.

Fantastic laundry room,  the room has such Serene feel with crisp white counters and put away products. How about those glass containers creating -so pretty Loving this!

A fun way to organize your life :)

How simple and orderly is this!? So clean and so pretty!

photos via pinterest

The Perfect living room

You know when you come across a room that just evokes that perfect feeling, well this living room did that for me. I love it's perfect artistic sophistication, warmth and layered appeal. The room feels so handsome, peaceful, so clean and so perfectly cozy, tailored, and airy all at the same time.
I am loving all the fantastic details and textures and subtle layers of tones that play against each other. The flood of light coming through these amazing iron windows is fantastic, along with the glimmer in the champagne shade crystal lamps. The Furniture's clean silhouettes contrast so beautiful against the incredible coffee table and they play so beautifully against the array of art.  An amazing timeless room...
Happy Friday everyone :)

via Architectural Digest

Why Do I need an Interior Designer

There is a great site which I recently discovered, that explains in more detail the role of the interior designer. Many people have misconceptions about the design industry and don't quite understand what the designer does.
This site not only explains "Why do I need A Designer", it also answers "What Do designers Do", "How will the relationship work" and more.
If you are unsure of these questions go ahead and go over to their "Find Great Design" website and read on.
I would also love to hear from anyone that has questions about this topic as I am happy to answear any of them. There are so many facets to the interior design industry and every designer works a bit differently, at the same time some of the guidelines remain the same. It's my pleasure to share with you how I work and what my design day involves.
I look forward to hearing from you. :)
Have a beautiful day!

EDYTA&CO. featured on Chicago Home + Garden magazine's website

In addition to being featured in the current issue of Chicago Home + Garden magazine, we are also featured on their website under Designers' Portfolio. We are there amongst other amazing designers. :)
Go ahead take a peek.

Pink and red in fashion and at home

Since we are full swing in fashion week it's only appropriate to embrace some fantastic color combos from one of our stylemakers. Jessica Parker is rocking a fantastic ensemble in a red and pink combination that is so fresh and vibrant. It's happy and pungent appeal also lends itself to room design as well as table settings. This color combination is definitely classic and had been used in so many ways for years, yet it is a current hot trend in the fashion plateau. I just love this look, she looks fantastic!

Such beautiful combination, classic clean sophisticated feminine and dramatic- Love!

Bold and beautiful room includes layers of pink and red, it's fun yet classic and dramatic

Beautiful elegant table setting includes pink and red roses as center pieces, they look amazing amongst gold plates and white linens

photos via pinterest, miles redd, theknot.com

Chicago Home + Garden magazine folding screen tip

As I mentioned we have been featured in this issue of Chicago Home + Garden magazine.
One of the tips that I provided was to use a folding screen as your not so typical window treatment. It's a fantastic way to add some great drama to your room with some beautiful graphic fabric, perhaps nail detail or maybe a carved pattern. The best thing is that the folding screen can be moved away from the window, when you do want have a clear unobstructed view for a day. Also, if you do want some light in and privacy  you can customize a shorter screen that will give you just enough privacy and let light in above. The bonus is that you can take the screen with you if you move or move it at a moments notice.

Here are some fun uses of folding screens:

photos via- elle decor, apartment therapy, pinterest

Black Rooms

Although I love super bright white on white rooms I also LOVE dark deep layered environments. There is something sexy and cozy about rooms in deeper color pallets. Black is such a fantastic color to put on your walls yet many fear it- Fear it not my friends! It can create such amazing depth and cozy feeling in your space while enveloping you. It feels so wonderful to curl up with a book in a room like that,  watch a movie or perhaps sleep in. Dark rooms can be very elegant, classy and timeless. Something about the deeper walls creates such amazing sophisticated feeling that I am totally yearning for right now, could it be the change of seasons :) .

images via pinterest

Fashion Night Out Chicago

Today the Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival is ending with Fashion Night Out. To celebrate this, dozens of the fab stores will be hosting great events, serving cocktails, and hosting parties with major discounts while some celebrities join the the party crowd.
There will be lots of fantastic food, enteretainments, events and even sales lasting through the late hours.
The 900 N. Michigan Shops and Mario Tricoci present Fall Fashion Fix: Real Women, Real Chicago, with a VIP champagne reception from 6 to 7 p.m. and a fashion show and bar from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Drake Hotel.
Brad Goreski will also be here and to top it off TopShop is also opening today.
Don't miss out on this fun event, I'd love to hear how you experienced it! Have a fabulous time!