Milo Baughman

Furniture & Artist Showcase

As you may see above, today's post is categorized as both Furniture & Artist. The reason for this is- Milo Baughman. Milo Baughman was an amazing furniture designer whom I consider an artist (I think all forward thinking furniture designers are artists so in my coming furniture posts I will not repeat this but categorize under Furniture from now on :)).
Milo Baughman was one of the leading modern furniture designers of the second half of the 20th century. His pieces showcase how far in advance he was with his amazing modern thinking. His furniture is so perfectly clean lined, glamorous, sexy and timeless, I just go gaga for it.
Milo's pieces have clean lines, incorporate beautiful brushed or polished chrome & brass elements. These metal details are usually used as an outside frame of the furniture, also as legs and many of his pieces use the metal detail throughout the back. This is why I love his furniture pieces so much, I just love the simplicity yet so much interest that goes into every one of these works of art & the fact that the backs of most of his pieces are so beautiful is where I melt.
If you love modern furnishings like I do, then I am sure you came across some of his designs or perhaps some pieces that were modeled after his designs.
Take a look at some fabulous examples of his work:

I am in LOVE with these 1970's tufted arm chairs I am on a hunt for four which could be reupholstered. Something about the amazing slim sleek chrome frame and the stunning back profile while still having a beautifully tufted and comfortable chair. The addition of the arm pads is like whip cream on a strawberry. Delish!

  These blue mohair beauties with the amazing deco feel is magnificent. Just enough bling, drama, and modern in one piece. Love!

This 1970s lounger with the brass base is AMAZING. It's so handsome and so comfortable it just fits in a luxurious interior so perfectly. I want one of these too!

These sexy 1980s Swivel chairs with a brass base would be SO SEXY in a phenomenal Master bedroom or a Gorg dressing room. So perfectly Lucious and a lots of romance!
 Thes Luxe Tufted Lounge chairs are perfectly Masculine and Luxurious- YUM!!!

This 1970's tuxedo sofa has amazingly clean lines with the balance of tufting. The detail of the chrome leg makes it so sleek and beautiful! Such a timeless piece

These babies need some major reupholstery and new filling but they are just so magnificent. The brass gives it such a serious attractive detail that
 This 1950s 8 button bench with tapered brass legs will fit in any style room. Such a simplistic beauty- could be upholstered in so many amazing fabrics- OH MY!  :)
 These Chrome X base ottomans can add so much bling, interest & versatility while being sleek and modern. Such Beauties!
How about these Club chairs, Aren't they beauties!

These Cantilever chrome base barstools are fanastic! Just the right amaount of modern, sexy, comfy & function. Beautiful.

Ok These dining chairs are AMAZING. The perfectly clean chrome lines and simple nontufted cushions- HEAVEN!! I want these babes so bad!!! 

These guys are a total opposite with thier tufts yet they sitll are amazing, the barrel back makes them look so darn comfy! 
How about this pair of floating scoop slipper chairs . Ok These will fit in ANY space I mean any! Moder, Classic, Traditional, Bedroom, Living Room, Office even commercial space. They are Stunning! 

I guess you can tell I love Milo Baughman designs, I sure do. I love to incorporate his pieces in my designs and think they compliment each space so beautifully.

images via 1stdibs