Interior Designer's day

I try not to complain, and I stay away from complainers and anything that spins a negative tone on given circumstances. There are bad situations, but everything could be resolved and complications lead to lessons learned which lead to growth and new opportunities. Some people get so caught up in negativity that they don't realize how insignificant a given situation really is. It's best to rethink what is going on and see how we can make it work and just end the negative thoughts, since what had already happened will not "Unhappen" therefore why dwell on it- Right!?

On another hand, we all have days when everything just keeps going wrong, and when it is out of our control it is even more frustrating- because we feel helpless.
Some days I feel that way too, especially when it comes to design projects where I make sure everything is done properly since the end result is to make the client happy.

Those days go like this- I find out that the fabric order has not been processed on time by the vendor (even though it was paid for and everything has been processed and signed of on my side) which pushes my planned date that the client will not be happy with OR After waiting for a back order fabric for 4 weeks (with a client impatiently waiting for it's pieces) the fabric not only shows up super late but comes in flawed- now we have to start this process all over again. Other situations -such as furniture coming in damaged after 10 week waiting for it only to wait another 10 weeks- these things happen, but how frustrating is that on both my and the clients side.
How about-  after countless confirmation of install dates you get an e-mail (the day before) saying -that unfortunately they double booked for that day and an install date that was going to happen on THAT day  now will probably Not happen, so everyone that was coordinated to be there for this purpose will have to be UNcoordinated. Well and when it comes to construction this type of stuff is expected, every day there is something new  - but again it's something we can't foresee , although we wish we could always control- but can't.  I can keep going on and on,, but the bottom line is that this glamorized vision of designers job is not so glamorous sometimes and a huge part of the job- is solving "problems".  We would all want everything to go smoothly and perfect but life doesn't go like that, especially situations that involve many curved balls. If we can accept that things might not be perfect throughout the process - we will be able to continue on being our best selves while growing, learning and appreciating.
Beautiful designs take time and effort of many disciplines and craftsmen- which can also lead to many hiccups its like a puzzle piece- sometimes it goes smooth and sometimes a bit frustrating but it's nothing to get upset about. Those days that my clients say "WOW I never thought this space could ever look this great- I love it!"- they make every one of those hiccups go away.