New Office & Store Front

I am currently starting to research and look for our new office & perhaps a store front location either in Chicago or a Chicago suburb. I am doing some more research and deciding where I want the business to go with this new location. Even though we might very well have a retail storefront, I am not sure if in fact I will have an actual brick & mortar retail part of the business, yet there will most likely be one coming soon on the Internet. As far as the new location goes, it might just be a fantastic new space for our new office where lots of designing takes place, client meetings and everything that pertains to our business. I will keep you updated what I decide to do and what else is going on as it pertains to the interior design of the space.
In the meantime take a look at some of the storefronts & offices that I do love & enjoy the rest of your day!

Perfect storefront! LOVE the White & Black combo- beautifully modern & classic!

Beautifully modern and minimal storefront!
Perfect blend of classic & modern, sleek clean lined store front- would love this!

Bold colors yet modern and sleek storefront of Tory Burch store

Beautifully clean, Modern , White and it has my initial! :)

Pretty charcoal
Beautiful design office of Suzanne Kesler
so bright and full of light. Fantastically white and soft tones

Crazy inspiring office of Kelly Wearstler, bold, fun & creative

Great high ceiling, fun warm vibe , great soothing feeling

images via Pinterest