One of the most important parts of a design project is gathering information from my client. The first conversations are really in depth and it's important for me to really understand what makes them happy, what speaks to them and when they feel their best. Of course we notate everything that pertains to this in addition to everything that has to do with their needs and desires.
Part of that process is gathering inspirations, this comes from me as a designer and from the client as well. I encourage each client to really take some time to flip through magazines and think about what speaks to them. The best way is to keep these inspirations even if you are not certain why you love a given image.
My job is to interpret this and discuss what is it about this that you love so much and how can we incorporate this type of fantastic feeling into your home.
I love this part and I encourage everyone to do this. If you come across something you love, make a note of it, tear it out and save it. I promise you it will come in handy when you want to create the most wonderful interior space for yourself to live in and feel  your best in.

Here are some of my current inspirations:

images via pinterest