Snowed in, online design sources.

For those that haven't heard- Chicago has been hit hard yesterday by a massive snow blizzard. Yes, it was a historic event of its own. The snow started coming down around 2 pm with the addition of strong winds and late night thunder and lightning, this all continued till 3 pm today. Everyone in Chicago and the suburbs seemed to be snowed in, not being able to go far, since the wind kept shifting the snow around with very little visibility.
On days like this, I am thankful for for the internet. If the power and the internet connection is still going strong it's fantastic to be able to work and even search for design products right at my desk.
I can get quite a bit accomplished in reference to my design projects, by searching e-bay, 1st dibs, Decorati and many other sources that I am fond of.
With the power of the internet there is so much that could be done. A client can even contact me from across the globe for my Online Design services. In addition there are even some to the trade fabric & wallpaper sources which have a fantastic online platform and I can order my fabric and paper samples and even place orders straight from my computer- how great is that!
Obviously all these things take time, yet isn't it fabulous that on days like this you can utilize them all.
I hope the weather is nice where you are, and if you are also experiencing snow overload- stay safe and  warm! Have a fabulous rest of the day!

above photos via Chicago Tribune

Tunnels for our dogs ;-)

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Fabric samples- Lee Jofa