Bedroom interior design project- "the finishes". EDYTA&CO.

I wanted to share with you some textiles and finishes of a current Bedroom project I am working on. This bedroom design is subtle and soft in color yet the textiles, wallpaper and it's details really add interest and will create beautiful, comforting and restful environment. Take a look at the photos below where you will notice details for different elements in the room. I love love textiles, soft goods, wallpapers, layers, and creating an organized and tailored environment in the room. All these coordinated and well planned pieces give it a nice level of sophistication and coordination that I think each room needs on some level. Take a look at this project, where you will discover the overall color scheme, fabric elements for every upholstered piece of furniture, drapery textiles with ribbon detail, as well as the paint and wallpaper .

The overall color scheme including textiles, paint, wallpaper and detail ribbon.

This will be the wallpaper behind the bed headboard, Isn't it delicious and graphically enticing. It has a lot of movement yet when installed in larger volumes it will give it a different feeling and effect. More of a beautiful line movement and a cut stone veining effect. I love it!

Here you see the Paint which will be located on surrounding walls, it has hue of green in it yet it is toned down in the grayer color area. The fact that it is not so hue saturated makes it very relaxed and soothing tone yet it gives some vibrancy to the room. On the right you see two levels of drapery treatment fabrics. The first is the beautiful sheer fabric which will give a nice soft effect with beautiful cream line movement. The second Cream silk will go over the top with a beautiful geometric ribbon detail at it's edge. The silk will be closed off when needed full privacy and view obstruction.

The deep green velvet to the right will be used to upholster the headboard which will look phenomenal and lucious against the graphic wallpaper in the back. The rest of the beautiful fabrics will be used for pillows on the bed and one on a side chair. These fabrics will not only add and incorporate the whole color scheme to the room but they will also add the proper graphic, layered and texture elements the room needs to to work together in balance.

 To the very right the "leopart print fabric" will be used on a bench at the foot of the bed. It just gives it that fun glamurous feeling and it's definitely a beautiful pattern that will complete the the look, The cream textured chenille will be used to upholster a side arm chair on which there will be a beautiful pillow in the honeycomb pattern fabric. The chenille will add a nice texture to the room as well as softness with it's beautiful soft cream tone.

Yess, I do love textiles and soft goods, They add so much depth and personality. Choosing the right type of fabrics for different pieces in every room could really transform it in SO many ways. Bedrooms in particular are definitely a place where you need to create some order and tranquility to help you relax and make you feel happy. It's a place where adding layers could create a phenomenal cozy yet elegant feeling.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!