The beautiful and inteligent Ginkgo

Hope all of you had a fantastic weekend! It seems to be getting cooler out and the ourdoor walks are nice and brisk. The landscape is starting to change and soon we will start to see all the green tones transform in to bright yellows, oranges and reds. Fall is such a beautiful season, it's amazing how so many trees take on another persona through it's colors and contrasts. The dark tree bark against bright  tones of the tree leaves looks painterly and the trees ask to be photographed while the falling magnificent color leaves set the mood for horseplay.

One of my favorite trees is the Ginkgo tree. I absolutely love the fan shaped leaves and when the leaves turn sunny yellow -it just purely looks magical. The leaves are so perfectly tailored and look almost unreal and the fact that nature created such amazing beautiful shape is divine.

Ginkgo tree is a unique species with no close living relatives. For years it has been thought of as extinct in the wild. It is also a living fossil with fossils dating back to 270 million  years- Ha!
You may already know this but extract from these beautiful tree leaves is known as- Ginkgo Biloba and  it is used for medicinal purposes as a supplement to enhancet memory, concentration and anti-vertigo.
Smart and beautiful- Love those combinations don't you.?

I love Ginkgo for so many reasons and I adore it's beautiful motif being used in other forms such as wallpaper and fabric, jewelry, pottery etc.
As I always say, "surround yourself with things you love", in this case- maybe I should integrate some of that ginkgo motif in my home somewhere. Better yet, maybe it's time to also plant one by our house and take a trip to Japan for beautiful photos in the Ginkgo tree backdrop. Of course I must not forget to also seek out some quality Ginkgo supplements to support my memory and concentration; that way I can be my best while working on all these amazing projects. :)

by Kimberly Ayres