Live Your Best Life

To say that the last two weeks have been busy and emotionally packed for me- would be an understatement. From family overseas to at home pet events intertwined with sadness, decisions and reflection, in addition to every day life and busy work weeks.

Our lives have been and will always be filled with these moments. The key is to live your best life, enjoy and savor each moment and seek happiness. Based on these thoughts I can't help but to think about our homes. It's no surprise that our life evolves around the home, our loved ones -family & friends. It is SO important to feel your happiest, most comfortable, relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired in YOUR home.
This is why I so dearly love residential design. It isn't simply because we could make an environment look beautiful and fabulous (which is wonderful), It is because I can help a person create a space that supports their life and creates a setting they long for and feel their best in. We are all different, we all have different needs, desires and different aspects of life make us happy.
We all love and prefer different things- different songs, we prefer different flowers, colors, scents, movies, foods, fashion styles, vacation types; we enjoy different activities to  unwind- weather it is dancing, watching a movie or having a quiet night with great wine and gourmet meal or reading a book. This is why each one of us has such unique and specific needs to feel our ULTIMATE BEST. Recognize these aspects of your life and you will live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

However you look at it, your life is centered around your home. This is where you could truly be yourself and in your level of comfort and the perfect mood that makes YOU feel your best.  It's amazing how by creating a mood /feeling in a space along with, level of comfort, in addition to functionality to help with your habits & daily activities- through interior design, we can create a space that truly supports your lifestyle.
I am sure you have experienced this perfect outcome at some point. Maybe you looked at pages from a design magazine where a photo of a room just felt so wonderful, comforting and made you feel right at home. OR maybe you stopped over someones house and the interior just made you feel at  peace and you loved being there. Sometimes you might not even known why you felt the way you did while looking at a room or when you were in that space, and that is usually when it's best. I ask my clients this question when we start designing a space- "How do you want the space to feel?" It's very important to really reflect and think about what makes you tick and how you want to feel in your surroundings. The way you feel is so important for your well being and you should pay attention to that.

Some people want to feel refreshed, energized & stimulated when they are at home; Others want to come home and feel relaxed and peaceful; And there are people that want it to feel dramatic and luxurious -- These are all wonderful -yet YOU have to be truthful about what speaks to YOU and what makes YOU feel your best. In addition to the mood, we also have our lifestyle needs and habits- which is a whole other part, that with application of Good Design the function, beauty & mood WILL coalesce.

As I talk about your home interior design and your lifestyle needs that ultimately feed your soul and allow you to be and feel your best. I also challenge you to seek out moments in your life that truly speak to YOU and make you feel happy- Eat while using your best dishes; Enjoy those beautiful candle lit dinners with a great bottle of wine; Buy fresh flowers once a week; Make time to play with your kids and perhaps create a play room in your home or plan to go on a road trip ; Make time for fun with your friends by creating dinner parties or having a night out; Pamper yourself - go to a spa; Create healthier habits through healthier diet and exercise. Whatever it is that is important to you and your happiness go for it and remember to - LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. :)

Me and my wonderful doggies! I love spending time with them and they are a big part of my family. Animals make me happy, they are so amazing in so many ways.

Having a well designed and functional kitchen is very important to me since I love to cook and eat healthy vegetarian meals. :)
Project designed  by Edyta Czajkowska also featured in Daily Herald

Fresh cut flower! Love them and always want them in my house. This is one of my center pieces I created, it smelled divine and looked Oh so beautiful!!

A small detail shot from one of my projects. My wonderful client started collecting mirrors from travels over the years and wanted to start a mirror collection wall display. We created a focal point in the room where the beginning of the mirror collection now resides and will continue to grow. It is a wonderful way to display your memories and create a meaningful statement in your interior environment. :)