My favorite Art Photography by Roberto Dutesco

I adore many artists in various medias. I enjoy paintings, and as an artist myself I also love to create them. Photography is another art form that I so appreciate. It's this amazing real, perfect instant capture that makes it so powerful.  I know I talk about art a lot, yet Art is such a big part of my life that I can not talk enough about it. It really touches people in so many ways, makes you think, exudes a feeling that you haven't felt before, takes you to another place and puts things in perspective.

I love art that is uplifting, art that portrays happiness, beauty, energy, tranquility, softness and art that inspires you to dream, I also love quirky almost funny pieces that make me giggle.
Roberto Dutesco's photography of the wild horses of Nova Scotia's Sable Island is this subject matter that let's me dream, it makes me increadibly happy and it stirs up lot's of emotions. It's true and innocent beauty!
In one sentence- Roberto Dutesco's Nova Scotia horse photographs are on ANOTHER LEVEL! These are by far some of my FAVORITE pieces of art. They are so inspiring, absolutely beautiful, innocent and so captivating. I love them for many reasons, they represent so much to me: Purity, Freedom and a sense of Remote Simplicity, Pure Joy...

Sable Island is a narrow sandbar located in Nova Scotia, this island has over 400 horses and it is protected by the Canadian Government, therefore the artist had to get permission to go there and photograph these beautiful creatures. Roberto Dutesco's work captures years and years of photographing these horses in their own habitat- Absolutely Amazing, this would make me SO happy.

As you know I am a huge animal lover and animal advocate, so seeing these creatures behave so freely in their own habitat makes me smile. Animal personalities are extremely interesting and joyous to me,seeing these moments in photos is so powerful and peaceful and magical, it makes my heart skip a beat.

I would love to own one of these pieces one day. It's Pure Joy!  :)
Do you love or own any of these amazing works of art? I'd love to see it or hear about it?

Have a lovely week everyone!

One of my favorite photos! Absolutely Beautiful!!! :)



Sable Island


Nova Scotia- do you see the Sable Island ,, it puts it in perspective how remote it is