Girl & the Goat- Dinner time

Out & About
This week was filled with lots of work (office and covering massive mileage to find perfect pieces for projects) in addition to some Fun!
I love blending hard work days with pleasure and fun, that is what life is all about for me. It's about Passion, helping people through my work (Interior Design which is also my passion :) I breathe it, eat it, sleep it, basically live it) while blending my days with- having great lunches, dinners, meeting friends for cocktails after work, Taking our pooches on a fun adventure,  Going to see a fun play/ performance, Checking out an art gallery etc. It's important for me to blend my life in this way to continually stay inspired, driven and happy.

On Thursday my Guy and I went to grab some dinner and drinks at Girl and the Goat. For those that don't know about this restaurant- the owner & executive chef is Stephanie Izard - the winner of "Top Chef season 4".
It's a casual dining restaurant located in the ChicagoWest Loop neighborhood with warm ambiance yet industrial appeal with rustic and edgy vibe. The place was PACKED. We had to book 3 months in advance to get a table after 5.
The atmosphere was lively and helps you unwind while the American Tapas style dishes are definitely fun to eat in groups. It's also great that they have a Vegetarian section of the menu  (YaY for me :) )
I absolutely LOVE the drawing of the Goat logo and would love to know who is the artist behind this super cute creature ? Anyone know?
Now let me rein myself in- what I really wanted to share with you today is interior photos of this fun venue. Check out the warm, comfortable yet dramatic interior of this incredibly busy restaurant and you should definitely go check it out if you are up for great Top Chef's gourmet tapas in a fun relaxed atmosphere.
Happy Weekend! ~Edyta

See the GOAT logo on the napkin holder- That's the cuteness I'm talking about :)
photo via Girl & the Goat
photo via Girl & the Goat
this and all below photos via I4design