Jeremiah Goodman's interior illustrations- Artist spotlight

As part of our Interior Design process we sometimes involve illustrations (perspective drawings and renderings) in our project design presentation to portray the designed space with given architectural elements, specified furntiure, fixtures, art,  different materials, colors and other elements.
It's definitely an artform to create a beautiful rendering and not everyone is phenomenal at this- which is why I love and admire the work of Jeremiah Goodman. Jeremiah's pieces are on another level when it comes to interior illustrations. They are stunning pieces and I would love to include one or two of his originals in my art collection one day.

Artist Spotlight:
Jeremiah Goodman started out as an illustrator, he briefly did some work for set designs and designed adverts for Lord & Taylor. He later became the cover artist for Interior Design magazine and went on to illustrate for Harpers Bazzar and  Vogue. Throughout his career he also embarked on numerous furniture design and product design projects. Later he was approached to produce a selection of his work in print form which have recently resurected .

Take a look at these amazing pieces and the insanely talented Mr. Jeremiah :