Prince William and Kate's Interior Designer

There has been a lot of buzz about Prince Willam & Kate's upcoming wedding. Many of us are awaiting the BIG DAY -so that we can take part in this long awaited lavish ceremony. Sure -I am also interested to see how this ceremony will unveil. I love to peek at anything that is grand and spectacular, in addition i love to study the fabulous gowns and lavish attires in the midst of the beautiful festivities.

Yet another aspect which I am very interested in is their Interior Designer - who was recently selected to design their home.
The designer of their choice is Kenneth Bordevick who is an American interior designer located in Beverly Hills - How fabulous is that!!. I hear that the project will be top secret, but maybe one day we will see some of the rooms in one of the fabulous publications :)  -you never know.
I am not sure what the style of the royalty's home will be, yet I am guessing it will probably be a somewhat ornate, classical and over the top.
Since my design style involves clean lines and tailored aesthetic I definitely gravitate to the modern designs of Kenneth's work. Modern design can be very soft and relaxed, yet it can also be very rich, bold and fascinating.
Take a look at some of his fabulous work that spoke to my taste and style. Enjoy!