Marble couterstops in the kitchen

The Friday Scoop

As I was making our Friday dinner and sipping on a glass of wine I couldn't help but to think about all that had gone on and meetings that took place this week.
One of my client's meetings this week involved an initial concept for Kitchen design where we discussed ideas the overall look and the wish list. One of the topics that came up (which I also discussed with many other clients) was - White Marble Counter tops. This client loves the look (as do I) and therefore I must inform them all that comes with having a beautiful white marble as the kitchen counter top.

White Marble is a beautiful stone which looks stunning and is a classic timeless material. It's look is extremely versatile and can fit in both - modern and very traditional interiors.
In the kitchen however it has to be addressed before specified since there is a lot of love and care that needs to go into this beautiful stone.
White marble counters could be easily stained, etched and scratched. Spills should be easily wiped down otherwise you will see visible water spots or stains. Hot and rough objects shouldn't be placed on the marble surface and any alcohol, colored liquids or foods and acidic spills should be avoided as they will easily stain the counters. It is good idea to seal it and use trays and mats. If you don't mind making sure your counter is always clean and pristine and can follow these guidelines OR don't mind a bit of patina and age that comes with the marble's use,  then you my friend are the perfect candidate for this beautiful stone.

I personally love white marble in the kitchen and if you are up to give it all the love and care it deserves and can't resist the look then you should go for it!

There are many beautiful versions to choose from so don't be shy and explore it's natural sexy beauty!
Tell me do you have marble countertops? If so how do you keep it clean and looking it's best?

Have a wonderful evening and a great weekend!! xo ~Edyta

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