Online design & shelter magazines

As I mentioned in the previous post the advancement of online capabilities allowed for so many ways to shop, read, do business etc. One fabulous addition to the internet are online design/ shelter magazines. I do love my real glossies and that is something that I will always cherish! Being able to curl up with a great design book or a great glossy magazine that I can hold in my hands is fabulous, yet I am deliberating if an Ipad could solve this little dilemma :). One newest magazine to grace the scenes of shelter magazines has premiered this Tuesday - High Gloss magazine who's founder and editor in chief is wonderful Paloma of La Dolce Vita  blog- love her!. Go over to the web page of this great new digital design magazine and check out it's rich content. Other online shelter publication include: Lonny, Rue, Adore Home, Nesting Newbies, Anthology, Sweet Paul, Matchbook & Ivy & Piper. Each one of them would be included in the Shelter category yet every one's content is original and based on different principals. There might be more fab magazines like these out there or soon to be part of the virtual arena, but these are ones that I have been checking out.
Go ahead, hop over to their sites and get inspired!