Interior Designer Showhouses

After reading Lauren's post regarding being accepted to design a bedroom/sitting room in a designer show house (huge congrats to her!!! It's not easy to be accepted and many amazing designers do apply),,, Well it got me thinking about interior design show houses again. I love visiting show homes for many reasons. Of course I love to check out the art of interior ,design see beautiful bold textiles, stunning risky installations, gorgeous art and really the visions of each designer where they could fully express themselves and their abilities without needing to be censored.
I truly love being inside a space that speaks to me, weather it is designed by me or another designer with similar vision, therefore when I i love visiting these showcases and finding a room that has elements that I love, then I examine it and take it all in-'s fabulous. I would love to make a trip to as many of these show homes as possible, in order to immerse myself in all this fabulousity. It's also fantastic that each one of the show homes is done for some charity and in many of them, you can actually purchase some of the items that are in the rooms. I probably will not be able to visit them all every year but I can attempt to see some so I decided to do a roundup of top designer show houses plan to cross them of my list this year :). If you saw any beautiful show houses that you felt  is really worth checking out and taking a trip across the country for, do let me know and let me know your thoughts !
Also, at one point I would love to be part of a show house,, perhaps my local LakeForest show house or the Dream home at the Merchandise Mart. I will keep you posted when that happens. ;-)

Top showhouses on my list to check out:

The Lake Forest Showhouse

Kips Bay Decorators Showhouse
remember how I posted this year's showhouse HERE

Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts

Elle Decor San Francisco showhouse
This year was the first one ever

Atlanta Symphony Decorator Showhouse & Gardens

Wisconsin Breast Cancer Showhouse

Marine Designer Showcase

San Diego Historical Showcase

Minneapolis ASID Showcase Home

And here is a Video of the FIRST Elle Decor'S Showcase house!

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