Interior Design textiles / fabrics

I adore and enjoy beautiful textiles. I love that there are so many magnificent interior design fabrics to choose from, so many talented textile designers and amazing fabric houses. The fact that your drapes, sofa upholstery and accent pillows could be completely unique based on your design desires and lifestyle is so fantastic. You could express your lifestyle through your interior environment and have it tailored to your needs however you choose to. Designing a room or a home around your lifestyle and your aesthetic, while integrating magnificent textiles adds a great detail factor through texture, pattern color in so many ways. Textiles can completely transform a room from simple to very luxurious or from plain to full of energy and interest.

Although I love muted tones, I also enjoy great vibrant hues and fresh bold motifs. They give space energy, fun element of surprise and immediately wake up a room. These textiles can be be very sophisticated  and elegant or witty and relaxed. They will help you create the complete look of the perfectly designed space.
Take a look at few of these yummy goodies that I am currently loving: