Milky glass object display

I love beautiful unique object that add interest and drama to a room. Personal touches, whether they are artistic displays or collection arrangements add bit of personality to a home. In my home I like to rotate decorative items. Some I will put away for a while, and in it's place I like to display another much more appropriate pieces that are either fit the season or how I am feeling at the moment. On the other hand some items I like to purchase or display simply because they speak to me and I want to enjoy their beauty.
Here are some amazing pieces that I am lusting over to display in my home.
I took this photo while in New York and still have to find out who this artist is. These beautiful glass globes are so soft and so amazing. They add sparkle, delicate appeal and make me want to dream. They would look fabulous in the center of a large dining room table or on a console. I on the other hand, would love to put them in the bedroom on a dresser- so that every day when I wake up I look at these beauties. Oh so gorgeous!

What do you like to display?