Chocolate Brown sofa Brown interiors Brown accents

Brown is a fabulous color. It is timeless and can be so classy, warm and modern all at the same time.
Although brown is used in many ways throughout interiors and fashion wold, I believe it will be very prevalent color for the year 2011.
Brown looks amazing against cooler tones and warmer tones. It plays well with pinks, golds, blues in large and small amounts.
It is often used for it's masculinity and forgiveness of dirty dog paws and spilled juices.

I have browns integrated in my own home for all of the listed above reasons. When I decide to change my interior a bit, many ideas come to mind since brown could be so versatile. There are so many possibilities and that's the beauty of it. Brown lends itself in so many different styles and applications. Here are some photos that I love, which I have had in my files. Each one of these rooms integrates brown in a different way- some with accent touches some in masses, warm and cool -yet each one of the rooms is perfectly divine.

How do you feel about brown?

Real Housewive of DC closet

Martha's home