Planting flowers and herbs in the garden

How is everyone's week going so far? Can you believe it's already Tuesday!? I don't know about you but our weather has been MAGNIFICENT this past weekend as well as Monday and today. I hear it is going to be Super HOT today. Oh I love my hot days knowing that if I can I can just walk into my perfectly chilled house after enjoying a bit of hot air outdoors. It is so nice to sit outside with a cold beverage under an umbrella and embracing the wonderful warmth. It is definitely a perfect time to visit a beach or have fun in the pool- I just love that!
This weekend I planted some flowers around the house since I ADORE having gorgeous flowers around to look at, smell and cut into a vases for our indoor enjoyment as well. I also planted some tomatoes and herbs so that we could have some yummy fresh additions to our salads and other meals- Can't wait for those to grow and mature.
Here are some flowers and herbs that are nowis now planted in the garden, take a look:

This is how the garden will look when it's in full bloom minus the tropical plants ;-)


 Chives, oh I love chives it goes so perfectly with so many dishes, it gives it that perfect fresh spring taste- Yum!

 Lots and lots of Petunias- Love them, not only do they flower all summer long but they are so easy to maintain and look gorgoeus

Dill- Oh another one of those perfect yummy herbs that you can put on anything and it just gives it this magical spring fresh taste

Sweat Pea- I love the colors the smell and the fact that it can climb and add such beautiful visual effect to a garden.

 Cherry tomatoes- So yummy and fun to eat!

Basil- oh how I love basil- it's perfect with tomatoes!

 More Zinnias in different colors - I haven't planted them before so I shall see how they flower and stand up to this weather :)

Mint- LOVE mint- we actually have two kinds planted. Since I was a little girl we used mint in so many ways for teas, drinks and many dishes- Delish!

There are many other plants that we have as well as flowers and herbs, but these are a few that I am impatiently waiting to grow and bloom.:)

Tell me what do you have planted in your garden? What do you love making with your veggies or herbs? How about flowers, what kind do you love most in your garden?

Have a lovely rest of the week everyone!!
xo Edyta