Million Dollar Decorators

I waited patiently to finally tune in to yesterday's debut of Million Dollar Decorators . If you follow me on twitter you probably have an idea what I thought about the show and who stood out to me.
It's interesting to see how everyone was represented and how the projects that they are working on are portrayed on the camera. It's definitely a show that is made to entertain and of course it will capture some situations in an odd manner where you wonder how could they have said this or that to a client or handled a situation in this manner.
What's interesting to me is to think how I work and how I see these designers converse and go about a project. I definitely speak my opinion and give best advice yet I always take my client's needs and feelings to consideration to create a home that suits them through my expertise.

So far I could relate to Nathan Turner and Mary McDonald the most on a personal level. Nathan seems to be very happy, cheerful and positive with a humble attitude - which I love and similarly apply to my life. Mary on the other hand is funny, stylish, outspoken and confident- I definitely try to have fun with life and design, voicing my opinions about the project is very important as well as being confident on what I envision for the space. Having a great sense of style is also important to me, it's how I personally express myself.
On a more design project level - Both Mary's and Nathan's design aesthetics differ, yet they definitely involve clean lines in their interiors which is what I always incorporate.

I also resonate with Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Mary MaCdonald on a Tailored aesthetic-I also love my spaces perfectly tailored, pulled together in an elegant manner.

There were without a doubt some factors that went into the first episode that were NOT my style and I hope that they were indeed jokes or the product of clever editing. I would never disrespect other designer by tossing their fabric across the room and making faces (as Jeffrey Allen Marks' boyfriend/assistant did)- that to me is a low blow. Also I am not one to name drop (although I think in this situation it is just the reality. These designers clearly work with celebrities therefore specifying them as clients is pure reality. In addition while taping they were probably asked to answer questions for taping "name the celebrities that you have worked with?" and there you go ). Also if a client told me that they are getting divorced and they are selling the house the first thing that I would want to know is - how she or he is doing (again In this situation I do think this was edited to look pretty shallow and I think Mary is a jokster so her reaction was purely trying to be funny, I also sense that there was more to this scene in reality and it was cut for good TV. )

Clearly each episode needs to have some continuity and it's content needs to be fit in One hour and there are 5 designers along with their lives and projects - Which is A LOT. There is only so much we will see and I hope to see more of not just the fabulosity (which I love and it's fun to watch) yet the hard work that goes into each design project. Although this show is definitely meant to entertain I hope to see real hard situations that do arise on almost all design projects. I have worked on few residential multi- million dollar projects and let's just say- it sure is fabulous,  yet with bigger budgets comes more responsibility, more work, intense running around and coordination, the bar for perfection is definitely set VERY high. This is exactly what I want to see- I want to see the Real Design! :)

With that note -I can't wait to see next week's episode :)
Tell me what did you think of the show?

 Mary MaCdonald's Modern interior

Martyn Lawrence Bullard  beautiful bedroom

Interior by- Jeffrey Allan Marks

Interior by Nathan Turner

Interior by- Kathryn Ireland