Lake Forest Showhouse Sunday

I enjoy visiting designer showhouses and taking a peek at what other designers concocted in each room, while given freedom in utilizing and showcasing their skills and style. I would love to take a grand tour to different states to see as many showhouses as I can, and although I will probably not see them all in one year, I will be sure to check out most of them at some point.
This Sunday was a perfect time to visit The Lakeforest Showhouse (which benefits the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago). It is one of the most prestigious showhouses in America and it was definitely full of eye candy.
Sunday was a perfect day to tour the house. I took my lovely Mom for Mother's day, before we headed out to a family dinner.
The Thorndale Manor designed by Howard Van Doren Shaw featured 25 rooms, 6 bedrooms and 5.5 baths. In addition to the Manor, the tour also included a coach house, which itself was 5,500 square feet. The house sits on beautiful grounds, next to a lake that is over 100  years old. The weather was dreamy and the grounds were perfectly bloomed in luscious foliage, it was a divine day. It was also a day when the weather in Chicago finally decided -It's SPRIG (since it couldn't decide up to this point). Well needless to say - It was a PERFECT day for a showhouse tour.

Unfortunately I did not take any photos since it is not allowed, I scoured the Internet to give you a few looks and I was in Luck. I am sure that after the house tour is done we shall see the house photos in one of our lovely shelter publications.
Also, please note -the front of the manor (in the first photo) depicts the home Before the transformation, It's absolutely amazing what the talented landscape designers created with the outdoor space and gardens, and you should definitely pay a visit to check it out.

I encourage everyone to visit this beautiful Design Showhouse. Not only will you immerse yourself in yummy details, but contribute to a great benefit.

Front of the Thorndale Manor (before the transformation)
 photo via interiordesignsense

Staircase in the foyer

Sunroom via Bradley Hughes

 Dining Room via Daily Herald

Bedroom via Daily Herald

 Kitchen via Daily Herald