My current reads...

As you may know I own a TON of design books. I love to read them, reference back to them and get inspired by them. I also have a design magazine library where I have catalogued a ton of issues of many many design magazines, including ones that are no longer in print.
Reading design books and magazines brings me true joy, it inspires and relaxes me.
 Besides design topic reads, I also read many self improvement books, health books, business books, inspirational books.
Some of my current reads are as following (and I say SOME because I have a tendency to buy a bunch of books at a time from many above listed genres and sometimes I even read a couple simultaneously- like right now) :

I just finished this one-
Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
(phenomenal book, makes you think about life a bit differently)

Currently Reading-
I am excited about this one since I am actually considering going full Vegan (I am currently Vegetarian where I eat cheese milk etc) and I need to get pumped up!

This beautiful book is so pleasing to the eye and to read: I tend to open it when I am a bit too tired and don't want to miss a beat but the begining is already fabulous!

And this book is also another one that I am super excited to read. I read a few pages and I am super excited.
It's extremely important for me to live a meaningful life- it's a foundation to a fulfilling life -which is why I decided to read this book :)
I would love to know what interest you and what your reading interests are. I have many friends that read science fictions, novels or fictions. I for some reason gravitate to books that teach me something or inspire me.
Do tell :)  I'm of to finally read a bit after a busy day :)  ,, I have more books waiting to be read after these babies ...
Happy rest of the week!!
xoxo ~Edyta