This weeks excitement the Nate Berkus show

Oh what a wonderful week we have ahead of us!
There are so many great things happening and I bet the week will fly by. Besides my wonderful projects and client meetings I am excited about numerous other events. Here is one that you can also take part in- Watching the Nate Berkus show!!
Today is the day when Nate Berkus' show starts! So excited to see it (although I probably won't be able to watch it while it's actually premiering ) but I will figure out a way :)
I love Nates sense of style and of course his attitude- so mellow, so confident, so happy and so artistic,,, oh that is exactly the type of people I love to surround myself with -Such good energy :)
Tell me.. are you as excited as I am? 
I know some great bloggers that had the pleasure to attend the taping of the show which sounds even more exciting and maybe I will get to see them in Nate's audience :)
Are you planning on watching the show?
Here is a little glimpse of Nate from a different engagement for HSN.: