Tuesday flowers and margherita pizza

After a long day my honey greeted me with a lovely bouquet of sunflowers and a margherita pizza (yummm my favorite). I adore fresh flowers especially very vibrant ones on a gloomy day like today. I'd love to have my house lookout onto a field of sunflowers like these. Can you imagine how beautiful the morning wiith a view like this must be?!
As for the Pizza-Oh the combination of fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes and a yummy crisp pizza crust -it's the perfect design for your palette (and a hungry one at that)!.
I am not sure if you know but the name comes from queen Margherita of Savoy (the pizza was named after her) and the ingredients on the pizza symbolize the colors of the Italian flag (Red- tomatoes, Green -basil, & White -mozzarella cheese). This pizza was made in her honor while she was visiting Naples. She ended up loving the pizza and this is how the pizza got it's name. :)
I hope you guys also had a delicious and beautiful day.

 my flowers- so nice bright and happy :)

margherita pizza (well the actual one I ate too fast but here is another photo)