Why Do I need an Interior Designer

There is a great site which I recently discovered, that explains in more detail the role of the interior designer. Many people have misconceptions about the design industry and don't quite understand what the designer does.
This site not only explains "Why do I need A Designer", it also answers "What Do designers Do", "How will the relationship work" and more.
If you are unsure of these questions go ahead and go over to their "Find Great Design" website and read on.
I would also love to hear from anyone that has questions about this topic as I am happy to answear any of them. There are so many facets to the interior design industry and every designer works a bit differently, at the same time some of the guidelines remain the same. It's my pleasure to share with you how I work and what my design day involves.
I look forward to hearing from you. :)
Have a beautiful day!