Doggie Birthday

My birthday is coming up in few days and I am hoping to do something special or peaceful while celebrating my life :). I also always tell my dogs that it's their birthday too. Since they are both rescued we are not exactly sure when are their birthdays, we just have a slight idea around how many years and moths but not exact. So I decided that they will celebrate their birthdays with  us :)
There are so many fun items on their wish list and they wanted to share them with you:

They want me to throw them a party, they want favors, toys, great food and the whole nine yards

They said that Missoni is a classic and having these would be like having a piece of art

they need hip new name tags so that all the kids in town know their name

They keep telling me that the summer is almost over and they haven't had a pool party. They want both pools one for the girls and one for the boy dogs. I just love these so they might just get these

Of course these  for his and her, stylish and beautifully craftet new beds because one of us chewed off the corner of the old one and we need matching ones

They want me to wallpaper the entry in this O&L wallpaper, since they are a big part of the family they want some say in the decor of the house- they are determined I tell you :)

They would like some custom portraits made by this fabulous artist, they think he captures the true character of the dogs :) I agree don't you think

Crypton outdoor dog bed for their alfresco naps after a pool party. You won't have to worry about leaving it outdoors since it's like the outdoor furniture :)

And some more toys for them both to play with :)