Interior Design Books for Christmas

As you may know, I am a total design book junkie. Not only do I love to collect and read my fabulous design books but I also collect my design magazines which I often refrence from and peek in for inspiration or just pure pleasure. I also love taking my time to read and study each one of the design books which is why sometimes it takes me a while to get through them. In the meantime, I have been wanting to purchase a few more books that I am longing to get my hands on,  yet I keep telling myself that first I have to finish the ones on my nightstand. Well Christmas is coming and I was thinking that maybe I should just give myself a present this Christmas, or perhaps give a few hints to santa. So here are those few books that I am keeping on my book radar. I hear they are all amazing which only makes me want to scoop them all up at once and it doesn't help that most of the covers are also so enticing :)
Tell me, do you own any of these or are you expecting them under your tree this year?


Can't wait to snuggle up and read them all :)