Drapes- the beautiful window layer

I just love drapery, In general textiles are something I can get immersed in all day. I love starting new projects where I not only envision and create a color palette, but based on the project and it's scope, I can source a beautiful and appropriate material for each piece of furniture, pillow, drapery, bedding etc. by knowing where it will go, who will use it and what feeling we are striving to create; I enjoy this part very much! :). Textiles and Materials class in Design School was definitely one of my favorite ones. Not only was it educational learning about the fibers, the weaving and printing but the beauty, history and art form of textiles is something i truly appreciate.
 This love also rubbed off on me from my lovely Momma, who also loves textiles. I remember even when I was little how we always had different drapes made and they would be changed out with the seasons and holidays throughout the year. My mom just loved loved different types of prints, sheers and damasks which is why we always had tons of textiles at home. In addition we also had many of our clothes made but that is another story :)

Adding textiles to your windows adds such a Sumptuous layer to a room. Drapes are these beautiful addition to your windows that can completely transform a room. It can add a beautiful level of drama to the given interior environment. By adding some great pattern, texture, or deep hue in your drapes it could help tie in the whole room or even anchor it.
The styles can vary tremendously from very beautiful feminine layers to sexy masculine accents.

There are other versions of window treatment, yet drapes are definitely one of my favorite, they can also be layered with other window treatments and that is what I usually like to do in my designs. It's great to have a shade to diffuse the light or close off the view when you would like and drapes to add some beauty to those fantastic windows.
It's also beautiful to have sheers underneath and another layer of thicker lined drapes on top that could be closed off for the night.

Fantastic black out drapes in a gorgeous masculine office- I just LOVE it!
image via Elle Decor

delicate white drapes that envelop the window
image via decorpad

beautifully tailored panels with a black band edging
image via decorpad

Such sweet, happy airy drapes that infuse so much fun energy to this room
image via decorpad

Lots of pattern with a small drapery fabric motif 
image Hamilton Design

Bold Color Drapes Tie in the room and add drama yet set a plane background for a pattern filled room
image -Melissa Rufty

Beautiful velvet drapes add a layer of softness and texture
image- Nate Berkus

Lots of pattern, It adds drama yet perfectly balances the rest of the room where there is little pattern. The color ties in with the overall color palatte. Natural shades underneath are used to difusse the light if needed.

Luscious full drapes add drama, softness and romance
image - Sara Richardson